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1913979_963205270400639_9042191805605411783_nRockabilly, Roots, Country Gold,,,, Poised, beautiful and exceptionally talented are just a few of the words that describe “The Darlins”, Jude Toy and Erinn Bates.

In just over a year their followers on Twitter have more than doubled from 30,000 to over 65,000 followers. They have amassed over 80,000 fans on ReverbNation where you can download their music and enjoy at any time. They have appeared with some of the industries most prominent icons of music, Montgomery Gentry, Daryl Worley, Trace Atkins, and Joe Nichols. They have also shared their passion for songwriting with some of the industries most talented and gifted songwriter/lyricists that include Tia Sillers.

Significant influences on the Darlins music can be found with Loretta Lynn, Dolly, Eric Church, Tom Petty, Little Big Town, Lee Ann Womack, and Alison Krauss, Leslie Satcher and R. L. Castleman. With talents as amazing as these making a deep impression on something that you love so much, it’s no wonder that The Darlins are able to express their instrumental and vocal talents so exquisitely.

Music has been part of their lives from childhood and there is nothing they would rather do. Both fell in love with the piano at an early age and it was the piano that led them to the deep love they have for music today.

image7Jude Toy was born and raised in Portland Oregon and relocated to LA, where she became the lead guitar player for a rock group called the Creamers. In 1994 she decided it was time to move on and left the group to begin a solo career with her own music. She even walked away from a deal because she wanted to be true to herself and play her music her way. After working in Nashville with Bruce Burch doing some recordings Jude knew Nashville was the place for her and loaded up nine boxes full of her belongings, threw them in the back of a pickup truck, left LA and never looked back. Nashville was in her blood.

~”I was pretty young, I’d say eight or nine? My dad loved Loretta Lynn and he would play her CD’s and we would listen to her all the time. I fell in love with Loretta the minute I heard her sing. The first instrument I learned to play was piano. My mother was a concert pianist and I would listen to her play the classics everyday, Chopin, Bach, Mozart. I think I got my sense of melody from those brilliant men and from a very talented mom. She wanted me to play the piano so I attempted for years, but it wasn’t until I picked up the guitar that it really hit me that it was my instrument and has been for years.” ~ Jude Toy, 2016

image8Erinn was born and raised right here in Music City USA. The love of music grabbed her early and never left her. Her thirst for music began around the age of seven or eight years old. Her Dad had a strong love of the classic country music and would serenade her on trips in the car and even though her mom wasn’t really a huge country music fan she would turn up the volume when listening to The Judd’s. One of their favorites was “Rockin’ With the Rhythm of the Rain”. She loved to listen to her older sister Danielle play the piano. Danielle taught her to play scales and “Chopsticks”. After that she began to play by ear and continued on through out her college days. Now she enjoys that passion for music as part of the duo,“The Darlins”.
Erinn spoke of being grateful for every opportunity and of the excitement for what the future holds for the duo.

I don’t have any regrets. The ups and downs have all had their reasons. There really haven’t been downs, actually for me. If something didn’t happen that I had my heart set on, then I have to believe it just wasn’t the right thing. Me being an inspiration to others is hard to fathom. That humbles me. I’ve always wanted to write songs and create music. If it inspires others, that makes me so incredibly happy. ~Erinn Bate, 2016~

image2The Darlins met while working as makeup artists at the world renowned Saphora Cosmetics in Nashville, TN. Not only did they have a deep love of music but they also loved helping young women find their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. They knew from the start that a duo was meant to be. Their unwavering determination has propelled them forward quickly and as their music continues to evolve so does their acceptance in the industry.

From Music Row to Tin Pan South, The Darlins are moving up quickly. Endorsed by Breedlove Guitars, Julie Miles Designs, a line of the most beautiful authentic jewelry for the stars, and Capturing Couture, who design custom guitar straps for rising stars in the music industry.

13133339_10154795120332678_1461313129335491664_nJude and Erinn know all too well the struggle and the effort it takes to make it in an industry that has long been a man’s world and how the journey has been really difficult but that through it all they’ve learned so much about themselves and having a career in music.

I hope to be an inspiration to others always, and an example of God’s incredible love for his people. I hope to reach millions of people with my music and help them in some way. I think God blesses us to be a blessing, so I want to do whatever I can to inspire everyone I come into contact with.”

~Jude Toy, 2016~

The future looks bright and for the Darlins it’s a dream come true. They know that with hard work, determination, passion, and a desire to make that passion a reality, that you can accomplish anything.

Their outlook for the future is to continue to build their own style and secure a place in the industry, so that their music will inspire others, to do large events that will hopefully benefit various charities and community organizations and to give back, be happy, and remain humble.

My most favorite co-writer of all time is of course Jude Toy! We have a great time and completely get each other. My advice would be to just continue to push through and get heard. We need our ladies on the airwaves.” ~Erinn Bates, 2016~
image4I’ve known the Darlins now for several years and I know them to love family, truth and country music. They are strong believers in hard work, striving to help others, and giving it your all and your best. They believe that you should stay true to who you are, hone your craft, and never take no for answer. Get to know your fans, reach out and really connect. They also said we should all continue to support our fellow musicians and to support the independent artists, especially us girls.

Currently the Darlins are set to release their music video “Crush”, they will be performing locally in and around Nashville, they will be performing in the fall during several of our festivals and continue doing that distinctive, driving, impressionable writing that we know, is all… “The Darlins.”

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