Walker Hayes Shares His Latest Single “90’s Country As He Begins The Dream On It Tour

The Dream On It Tour has begun and will consist of 27 major shows across the US., Walker Hayes, country music’s rising sensation and major artist to watch for 2019, has already appeared at several widely popular venues such as The House of Blues, in Dallas TX and will be appearing soon at the Majestic Theater in Wisconsin, The Mercy Lounge, right here in Nashville, and on to Iron City in Birmingham AL and The Filmore in Silver Springs MD.

As a young boy, Walker was encouraged by his father to sing and share his natural born talent with friends and family as a member of the church choir. Of course, back then Walker was more into sports but as time went by his love of music bloomed. Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, he attended college at Birmingham Southern with a major in Biology, but over halfway through his program he decided that his major was wrong and decided on changing it to a major in music. He had taken a short intermediate class in piano along with his primary classes and the music class felt so natural, he knew then that music was where he wanted to be. He had also thought of doing the medical/dental school route but after shadowing a local dentist he absolutely knew he had made the right decisions. The money was good in dental work but the dentist seemed miserable his humdrum daily work and Walker wanted happiness not misery in his career life.

In 2005 Walker and his wife Laney moved to Nashville so that he could pursue a musical career. Not everyone at the time was fully on board, some family members weren’t sure it was the right move to make but it didn’t take long for Walker to show them he had made the right decision.

Hayes loves that the fans know all the words to his songs. He enjoys the thrill of now headlining in venues he once open for major acts in and it has given him that drive and determination to keep the dream moving. He expressed how much it means to him that the fans enjoy the VIP meet and greets with him and that they love how they can relate so much to the lyrics of his songs and the message behind them. Walker will also admit he really enjoys that meet and greet VIP visits as it gives him and opportunity to learn more about what his fans want to hear.

“90’s Country” is a very special song for Walker and his family. Of course, every song is special but it was during the time this song was being created that Hayes and his wife Laney’s, seventh child was expected. As the time neared for the song to debut dark times fell on the family. Due to complications shortly after birth their daughter Oakley passed away. Things at that time took a downward turn.

Hayes spoke of the hard times and the struggle to pull himself back to where he needed to be for himself, his family and his career. Then in August of 2018 “90’s Country” was released. Walker and his family are standing strong together and sharing their love of family and music with millions of fans around the world.

Social media is a powerful factor in marketing the music of many up and coming new artists and artists to watch for 2019. Hayes has well over 4 million followers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. His video “90”s Country” has amassed over one million views and “You Broke Up With Me” has over 25 million views. Fans love Walker Hayes and there’s no doubt why.

His style, his sound, and his songs are totally unique to him and the sky is the limit. For more information on Walker Hayes and where you catch a local show or get your own VIP ticket and/or tickets to The Dream On It Tour please visit www.walkerhayes.com

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