Spring Break … Here to Party with Luke Bryan Review


Capitol recording artist, Luke Bryan, will make you forget all about the winter time blue’s with his new release “Spring Time-Here to Party” a full length, 14 pack that hit stores on March 5th.

Luke combines tracks off his past four spring-break themed EP’s and introduces two new songs. “Just a Sip” is a realistic song about drinking and how it makes us all invincible … at times. And for any of us who has ever run into the “old love” while out trying to have a good time Luke nailed it with “BuzzKill”.

From start to finish with “Suntan City” to “Take My Drunk Ass Home” this is an album that puts you on the beach, soaking in the rays, with a cold one in your hand.

Catchy Lyrics and Luke’s amazing vocals puts this release at the top of the chart’s and by far one of the best I have heard in many years….

Luke will be promoting his new set with 2 shows on March 12 and 13 at Spinnakers Beach Club in Panama City Florida, where last year over 40,000 people packed the beach to listen to his show.


Reviewed by:Lynette D Lorenz

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