ShaManic Celebrates Music Video Release at The Basement East

Nashville born rapper ShaManic, recently released his debut album THE ARTIST, on Classy Turtle Records. And now he’s about to bring it to life at a free show scheduled for Monday, March 14 at the Basement East in Nashville. ShaManic will also be celebrating the release of his music video, Ba Da Da Da.
Born and raised in the heart of America’s country-music capital, ShaManic’s Nashville-upbringing was unfairly burdened with an avalanche of challenges he had to overcome, both emotionally and physically. Well before he was able to understand how to express his creativeness, ShaManic wrote – songs, poems, rants – a litany of them.
Realizing that he needed to shift away from his confinement, he had an epiphany and words and melodies detonated all around him. And emerging through it, he discovered it was music which guided him through the perilous journey he was on and it helped steer him away from the turmoil which had prevailed.
The city’s country-music landscape clashed with his own musical ideologies and he found those polemics gave him inspiration to eventually write his own alternative hip hop sound. And The Artist took shape.
ShaManic‘s music has dynamic beats, diverse melodies and passionate vocals – all while taking you on a journey through his pain, joy, and life encounters.
Performing LIVE
The Basement East
Celebrating the Release of His New Music Video Ba Da Da Da
1604 8th Ave. S, Nashville, TN 37203
Monday, March 14 at 9:30 PM
~No Cover / 21 & Up / Free Concert~

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