CD Review: Kacey Jones, “Donald Trump’$ Hair”

Kacey Jones will have you laughing in the first few seconds of every song! You can’t stop listening once you start. Good bluesy-jazz vocals and excellent musicians, this CD’s got it all. Track four, “I’m Living Alone And I Like It” will make you feel like having a glass of good wine and dancing happily all through the house ALONE! She rocks it out on track five with “The Bigger the Better.” Track ten, “Christmas In Rehab” is a good one too. She co-wrote on all but two of this fifteen track compilation, which she recorded here in Nashville at Country Q Studios. My personal favorites are track three, “I Can Always Get Skinny But You’ll Never Be Tall’ and twelve, “What Happened To Kenny Roger’s Face.” Check her out at 

7 Stars


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