Jason Herndon and The Wreck

Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Jason Herndon is true grit, southern fried, born and bread, no puns intended. This young man is truly gifted. One of the first time’s I saw Jason perform was in 2010 at 3rd & Linsley. I was blown away then and I’m blown away now.

It can be said that he is the “real deal”, well I’m here to tell you he is.  He is real, down to earth, and in his performance you can see that he has a true love of the music. In a sea of new artist’s rising quickly in Nashville and in the music industry itself we see so many groups that sound alike. They perform the same type of music over and over again. We find music we think is suppose to be country, but it’s not, and you hear music that’s suppose to be blues, but it’s not. Well, you won’t be confused when you hear Jason and the Wreck.

Recently I had the opportunity to review both of Jason’s albums. His first album “Arlington Drive” and his latest “Green.” I must say both are exceptionally done. The comparison between the two would be that it’s like a fine mix of Jon Bon Jovi and a mild twist of James Taylor. It could be said he is like a fleeting hint of Bob Dylan with a splash of rocker David Bowie in his younger years. We could continue to compare Jason to the greats which is a huge compliment but in the end we must tell the truth, Jason’s music is fresh and eclectic, deeply rooted into his heritage, and it’s his own.

You’ll find true 100% southern born talent. You won’t be confused by what you hear. The music brings you in and in my case took me back to my childhood days. I loved it. His music is natural, not forced. It’s pure in that it comes from within and it’s not just words or notes thrown on a piece of paper. There is meaning and depth to them and if you listen closely you might even find your own story whispering back from between the lines.

His music is a smooth blend of southern Americana, earthy rock and roll and country. Once I began listening I couldn’t stop. I played “Arlington Drive” at least five times and Green came in a close second with three plays. Jason, you have something here son. Pure gold.

They say that music is suppose to tell a story. Jason’s music not only tells you the story, you become part of the story.

Making his home in Nashville you can see Jason and the Wreck at various local venues and you can check out his new EP – “Green” at the links below. You’ll love the live show’s and you’ll come away with both Jason’s CD’s for your collection.

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