Wear it Well, Wear It Out Manuel Benefit Concert

photo 1Internationally known fashion designer and an iconic Nashville personality, Manuel Cuevas Jr., otherwise known as Manny, recently suffered a near-death medical battle. While he is on his way to recovery and returning to being a full-time father and extraordinary clothing designer, Manny’s unfortunate health circumstances have put him and his family in a financial burden. On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 6:00pm at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee there will be a benefit held to aid Manny and his family.

The Mavericks, with a new album and upcoming tour, will be headlining the benefit concert. There will also be performances from Cumberland Collective, Eric Lee Beddingfield, Coy Taylor, Ty Bates, William Stuart, Keith Gattis, Shawn Camp, Pit Crew, Los Dellgado’s, Greta Gaines, Brittany Dunbar, Mandy Barnett, Craig Wayne Boyd, Doc Holiday, Craig Campbell, Al Anderson, Jeff “Shaky” Folks, and a few more surprise guests.

Billy Block and Kelly Meselli have offered their services to be co-hosts for the benefit. Other sponsors of the benefit have been Midtown Printing, Manuel, Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom, and there are more still to be announced.

“Raul and Betty Malo, Linda Dunbar, Hank Rosenfelder, Jonathan Pears have been diligently working around the clock getting donations, auction items, building splash pages for website, putting this whole thing together. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them, said Manny.”

Some of the items for the auction and raffle are an original Manuel suit, a weekend in Maine with a lobster boating expedition, a signed guitar, posters, albums, and more.

It is going to reach so many people beyond Nashville with the aid of an online live broadcast.

If you would like to purchase tickets to the event or online viewing; they can be purchased at www.wearitoutmanuel.com.

“Wear it Well, Wear it Out Manuel Benefit Concert’s main goal from the beginning was to brand Manny. Not just to get him money now, but to expand him and provide awareness for future endeavors,” said benefit co-coordinator Linda Dunbar.

photo 3The benefit will also be a launch for Music City Denim, a new venture Manny is working on. It is going to be the rejuvenation of manufacturing in the United States. It is one of Manny’s passions and goals that he has been striving for. One-by-one the goal is to start reopening old factories and rebuilding what America was built on; the manufacturing of goods. The idea is to reach out to the fashion capitols of the world from the heart of America; here in the Bible belt and giving jobs back to Americans. Music City Denim is slated to be a brand within itself but also a manufacturer for private labels, brands, and designers as well.

“There is not a single day that goes by that I am not thankful for all these wonderful people. This whole function is really about coming together. It is a celebration of life. I am excited for all the support and blessings,” said Manny. “It has been an emotional, physical, and financial struggle for me and my family. It is just amazing the people that have come together.”

Last year, Manny was rushed to the hospital due to a massive blockage in his large intestine. He endured a very complicated surgery and faced months of recuperation time. In late 2012, Manny faced several more surgeries that were unsuccessful. Fortunately, earlier this year, Manny entered what should be his last surgery and is on the road to recovery.

Amidst all the sudden health problems, Manny and Lora were blessed with a healthy baby girl, Annabella. With a newborn, caring for the other children – Sofia Esperanza (9) and Maximillian (2 ½), and caring for Manny, Lora has been unable to help financially. Manny admires how Lora has been the “rock” of the family and told NMG how amazing she has been through it all.

Linda and Betty have been instrumental in the organization of the benefit. Linda had met Manny through industry events in the past. In December, when she heard about the medical battle that Manny was fighting, in the true Nashville music support system manner she wanted to help.

“When Linda first came to me asking to put on this benefit, I had to take time to think about it for a few days. I am one of the few people that don’t like to throw the burden of sickness or the grief of struggles on my friends and family,” said Manny. “I know I am not the only one who has struggles, the whole world has problems. After a few days of thinking, I realized how humble it was for her to come out and want to give me some blessings. So I agreed to allow her to start the benefit.”

Once the benefit was agreed upon, Linda went to work diligently pulling resources and phoning friends about the cause.

photo 2“The Nashville community stands behind its friends and right now you can help us get one of our own back on his way to the top. By purchasing tickets to the benefit show being or donating, you will directly be helping Manny and his family with their monthly bills while Manny recuperates and re-opens for business,” stated Linda Dunbar.

Betty and her husband, Raul Malo of The Mavericks, have been friends with Manny for years as well and were more than happy to offer their support.

“When Raul suggested that I have The Mavericks headline the benefit. I was overwhelmed by the thought of them wanting to participate. I was tickled to death when it all worked out too,” said Manny

“The hardest thing to do is ask for help. We were 100 percent in after the conversation. Immediately the scope of the event was huge. I think that locals should support locals, a lot of people were unaware of Manny’s condition and as the word has gotten it is amazing how many have come forward to help,” said Betty. “Part of the cache of getting involved is that it’s not just music but its fashion, which is my world. The connection of the two is what made me jump at the opportunity to help.”


Apart from the past work he has done alongside his famous “Rhinestone Rembrandt” father Manuel, Manny has the name and inspiration of his famous Father and the tenacity to take things in his own unique direction and has worked hard over the last four years to establish himself and his own brand. One might say that Manny Cuevas is the new “Bling King” of Nashville.

“Wear it Out Manuel” is a design studio, workshop, and retail store-front located on the Eastside at 1001 Dickerson Pike in Nashville, TN. Wear It Out Manuel is about the American Heritage of independence, self-confidence, style and opulence inspired by the west as well as the movies, music, (Rock-n -Roll, Country, R&B) and numerous other elements that when combined are considered American culture. While establishing his business, Manny has had the opportunity to work with many well-known artists in the music and fashion industry including names like Marlee Scott, The Band Perry and American Idol’s Paul McDonald.

A true artist, Manny’s vision extends beyond his sketches. Each piece is a well thought out story that evokes a feeling when you slip it on. He’s thinking about the look, the feel and the emotion that can be captured as his customer’s look and feel confident in his designs. You can’t help but smile when you settle in to a new Manny design. Original, wearable and usually a tad bit sassy, his clothes are fun to wear. From the Arena to the Red Carpet and even the catwalks of New York City’s Fashion Week, a new era in western inspired fashion is being created.