Top 5 Romantic Songs for the First Date

So, you connected on your favorite dating platform and clicked straight away? You planned for the first date, and you’re just too excited to see it come to pass. Don’t worry! Even if you still have no couple, dating sites may help you to find your perfect soulmate. More than half of current relationships begin online before they are scheduled for real dates.  

We all know how first dates make people nervy. Tens or even hundreds of anxious thoughts would be running through your mind. How should I dress to impress? How will my date turn out? Will I mess by saying something wrong? How do I not leave a bad impression? Will we click immediately we set eyes on each other across the table? Too many questions to worry about! And the pressure gets real. 

What other better way is there to ease your anxieties than with a pump-you-up kind of playlist? Perhaps all you need is a song to calm you down and put you in the mood for your date. We selected some go-to songs that you’ll definitely enjoy listening to before going on the first date. 

  • Video Games by Lana Del Ray 

This simple yet brilliant ballad with minimal instrumentation can make you swell together in love. Its sigh rather than sung lyrics give a soothing effect that can help prepare your mind for an unforgettable first date. “Video Games” is more of a once-in-a-lifetime track destined to hype up confidence before your big date. This catchy song will have you feeling bold and determined for any first date. 

  • Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur 

Plug your earphones and let this song help you reflect on how perfect your love life could be. This special piece directs you to an ideal kind of love story that helps paint the perfect picture of a romantic love experience. The lyrics of “Say You Won’t Let Go” will give you a glimpse of the future with a family. Even though you might not be sure if you want family yet, it is the best way to frame your mind and give your planned date the balanced approach it deserves. You could plan with the song and expect tears of love or joy on the first date. 

  • Yellow by Coldplay 

The simplistic and minimalistic approach of this masterpiece has seen it endure times. The title of the song “Yellow” symbolizes aspects of brightness, hope, and devotion. Listening to this special Coldplay’s song on your special date might brighten your quest to find true love. It could help you optimistically wait for the perfect moment of your first date. 

  • Circle of Life by T. Rice, Clark Sax 

This emotionally weighty piece, with its explicit lyrics, is worth listening to before your first date. It is more of a spine-tingling piece that gives you a clear picture of why you should grow intimate. With its ability to spur romance, it soothes to listen to in preparation for your first date. “Circle of Life” is a never-aging love track that can shape your dating focus and streamline your approach to potential partners. 

  • Breath by Rodney Mirror 

This masterpiece comes with a wondrous melody and a charming voice that makes it perfect for listening to before your date. “Breath” transcends every listener to picture a peak of romance and create that dreamy euphoria that rewards with the yearning to see date progress into love. Despite any odd that might come your way, the song highlights how much one can do for love and just let your hearts beat harmoniously.  

The thought of a planned first date usually leaves butterflies in the stomach. You’ll most likely be pondering lots of rhetorical questions and what to anticipate during the actual date. Whether you planned for a romantic evening at a serene spot clad in first-bloom flowers and sparkling light or a quiet, naturally-slightly location in the nearby park, romantic songs could play well in soothing your nerves. We just gave you a list of the best romantic songs to pump you up for your first date. As you’ll be growing deeper and deeper into each other, the memory of these heart-touching songs will harmoniously accompany the strums of your heartstrings. There’s no greater way to calm down for your first date and see it turn out successful.  

Content Courtesy of Steven Squirald

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