The Unstoppable Warrior Woman, Bershan Shaw Encourages Women to Reach Their Fullest Potential

International motivational speaker, business-career coach and TV personality, Bershan Shaw, has been a powerful voice and fierce advocate for overcoming adversity and helping women reach their goals and find their inner warrior. In her latest book, The Unstoppable Warrior Woman, published by Morgan James Publishing, Bershan highlights the stories of incredible women, like Bershan herself, who have survived unthinkable odds and found the strength to succeed through their struggles. 

The Unstoppable Warrior Woman is available on October 27th wherever books are sold or online at most major retailers including Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Chapters Indigo, IndieBound, Powell’s,, and more.

​”From every hardship, challenge or mistake you have gone through there is greatness on the other side of that pain,” says Bershan. “That’s what makes you and all of us unstoppable!”

​Facing a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis (twice,) Bershan began to take stock of her life and how she has lived it. Not feeling satisfied that she had fully been inside her truth and recounting all the times she downplayed her own potential, Bershan was staring at the moment in front of her and decided to harness her power and start living on her terms. “I had to either prepare to start living or prepare to die,” she says. Bershan’s purpose for writing The Unstoppable Warrior Woman is to show women from every race, class, career and background that they are worthy, deserving and capable of accomplishing amazing things.  

After overcoming her battle with breast cancer, Bershan started The Unstoppable Warrior Woman movement as a tool to empower other women to share their own stories and enduring will to triumph. This community of inspiring and formidable women has been a beacon of hope for many since its conception. It provides not only a place for women to uplift and encourage one another, but also a portal to both personal and professional resources to help them thrive. 

Bershan also hosts her own weekly podcast, Buckle Up with Bershan,” which is now in its third season and is one of the top shows on UBNGO (United Broadcast Network GO) where she challenges her listeners to live life on purpose. Each show is packed with inspiration, interviews, and answers to listener’s personal growth questions by offering a mature perspective on personal development alongside valuable insight from industry leaders. Guests on the podcast have included experts from the worlds of entertainment, e-commerce, fashion, activism, authors and much more. 

Up next, Bershan will be taking the mental health space head-on with the launch of her own social networking app, URAWARRIOR, out early next year. The app is designed to provide a healing community of warriors a resource for motivational tools, self-improvement, personal development and support. Additional details and full announcement forthcoming. 

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