The Lost Poet’s Release New Single “Mouth”

The Lost Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Lost Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Lost Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Where light fades away darkness begins. This could be said about the Lost Poet’s new release “Mouth”…or is it? Let your own mind present you with an interpretation as you watch their newest video…just released…earlier this month.

There is a darkness about it that actually lightens the senses. It appears to be the aftermath…maybe…of a holocaust or some other type of dark event. The spirit lost, the mans identity gone. The lyrics ask “Who’s inside of me?” Is it about loosing or finding yourself?

Placed in the genre of Grunge, Swamp Blues, or Sludge with heavy metal rock this two man jam is like none other I have ever heard or seen. I would say this absolutely sets them apart.

David Rosengren (Vocals, guitar) and Petter Ossian Strömberg (drums, bass) and I must say the impression given is spectacular.. You would think this is a full four to five piece band but what you get from two extremely talented artists is “The Lost Poets”….a two man mega-grunge duo who with their appearance and marketing genius are neither here nor there…bound by nothing…time and place is absent. It works.

Making their home in Stockholm, Sweden they play the best of the best in venues such as O-Baren and Debaser and have received world wide acclaim for their debut EP “Insubordia” in 2014. Their newest single “Mouth” was released in December of 2014 along with their new follow up video entitled the same and released in January of this year (2015) and they have surely made their mark.

Grunge is not really my forte but if it is for you then you’ll want to have a copy right away. I think their presentation is exceptional and leaves the imagination to run wild.

Some reviewers focus on the movement of the melody but I try to also give attention to the lyrics. This album is slow, dark at times, but moving. The lyrics are on the repeat… but clear.

The Lost Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Lost Poets courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Ode to K” is brighter with the string intro. The fuzzy and jagged edge of the electric guitar give it a true grunge edge. The lyrics speak of people being present but not actually being there in their mind. Blank eyes, dead faces that smile…….he’s not sure of the life he’s living. Powerful….

“Lying Down” begins with a fade in to heavy guitar reminiscent of Metallic. Nothing really bright about what I get from the meaning behind the song. He’s toxic.

True to the sense of the name…The Lost Poets….they shield their identity with dark masks…..buried in the heaviness of the music.

If it were… my forte I would love it. I would say it is the perfect example of Grunge and Sludge. The musicians are gifted and talented and present their style in their own way and it works.

The Lost Poets are primed. To find out more about The Lost Poets please visit them here at:

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