The Josie Music Awards

The Josie Music Awards 4th Annual Music Awards for Independent Artist was held September 8, 2018 at The Celebrity Theatre in Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. The event began with a jam for all nominees to participate on Friday evening September 7 with both vocalists and musicians. The excitement was in the air due to the desire to be recognized and awarded for their efforts in their particular category of music choices. Many genres of the music industry were open for nominees of all ages with such categories as; Modern Country- Male-Female –Duo artist of the Year, Traditional Country, Male-Female-Duo artist of the year, with Entertainer of the Year for individuals, groups, and bands. The judging was done by the research of the artist and their accomplishments, the quality of their appearances and performances, recordings, and media acquisition. The uniqueness of this award presentation was the research completed instead of a fan vote base.

Upon entering the Dollywood Celebrity Theatre, each nominee was photographed on the Red Carpet. I found while interviewing many of the nominees, most were excited by media coverage, the opportunity to mingle with other artist and hope to be recognized as a winner in their category of nomination. As the impressive beautifully decorated stage and well-lighted backgrounds came to life on stage, the crowd came to silence. Josie Passantino welcomed everyone to the awards show. The house audience seating was filled. During the awards, twelve artists, including some bands, duos and individual vocalists had been invited to perform, along with guest performers Heidi Parton and Chris Golden. I would like to comment that Heidi Parton has great stage presence, great voice, and beautiful lady with a very pleasing personality and performs in Dollywood depicting Dolly’s life as viewed from a family point of view, entitled My People, My Music, My Life Story.



Announcements began, and you could feel the tension and anticipation of the nominees. Many had been there before and hoped this would be their year to win. A total of 86 awards went to artists, songwriters, photographers, video production, artist management, record labels, and many other categories were covered. It is truly an amazing event for artists to have this opportunity to have their work and talent recognized. Special recognition was given to Jimmy Parker inducted into The Josie Music Awards Hall of Fame for his Traditional Country Music Performances.


Jimmy Parker inducted into Josie Music Awards Hall of Fame





Female Artist of The Year Traditional / Classic Country COLENE WALTERS









Cherish Lee (pictured) with Stephen Merle Kilgore) Modern Country Female Artist Entertainer of The Year.







53-year-old Kathryn Shipley performed The 2018 Song of the Year for Modern County.








Traditional /Classic Country Male Artist of the Year-Tommy Lee Moffat




Prestigious Award of Entertainer of The Year Modern Country Band was awarded to TOBI LEE & MUSTANG SALLY BAND. Tobi Lee’s performance at the Josie Awards was met with a standing ovation and a very humble acceptance of this award.

An after party of The Josie Awards was held at The Island. Many winners were interviewed, many performed again and the Josie Awards was very well received and very organized and was completed in a very timely fashion. Congratulations to all the winners.




Staff with Josie Passatino:

Photographer Caroline Moss Ctr. Josie Passantino R. Jan Braun

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