The Country Music Association Launches New Health Care Program for Members

“CMA Instrumental Healthcare” 


CMA Board President-Elect Ed Hardy and CMA Board Member Jeff Walker visit a Vanderbilt healthcare information booth during the launch of CMA Instrumental Healthcare today during CMA’s annual membership meeting in Nashville.
Photo credit: Christian Bottorff/CMA.

The Country Music Association has developed a new, improved healthcare program to ensure that CMA members and their families have access to affordable coverage with exceptional benefits. With more options to better fit the needs of CMA Membership, CMA launched CMA Instrumental Healthcare, formerly CMA Sound Healthcare, today during CMA’s annual membership meeting in Nashville.

The program is a partnership between CMA, Pancoast Benefits, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center to provide CMA Members with access to comprehensive and affordable healthcare coverage.

“Affordable and available health insurance is one of the most valued benefits for members of CMA,” said Steve Moore, Chief Executive Officer of CMA. “We strive to provide insurance options that meet our constituents’ needs and offer a whole new level of security – especially for members who are self-employed or otherwise not in a position to obtain coverage that fits their health requirements and budget. We feel confident that CMA Instrumental Healthcare accomplishes this important and necessary goal.”

“Pancoast Benefits is very excited to be working with CMA to provide Instrumental Healthcare to its membership,” said Pancoast Benefits President Brent Watkins. “The CMA Instrumental Healthcare team has dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort in developing this innovative new program for its members and their families. They didn’t stop at health insurance. It’s a program that helps CMA provide for the security of its members in a number of crucial areas. Members can rest assured that the CMA Instrumental Healthcare team that CMA has assembled will continue to work hard on their behalf to stay a step ahead in this ever evolving world of healthcare.”

During today’s meeting, Cigna was onsite with their Mobile Learning Lab to assist members with questions and plan quotes for the new program. The super-modified 18-wheeler, is a traveling wellness learning center with six unique, interactive educational exhibits that demonstrates to visitors how stress, portion control, and other lifestyle choices impact their overall health. Members were invited to visit the Mobile Learning Lab to learn more about their personal health and healthy lifestyles in a fun, friendly and creative way.

“Cigna is excited to be a signature part of the CMA’s new Instrumental Healthcare program and to give CMA members the opportunity to experience our Mobile Learning Lab to learn more about their personal health in a fun, friendly, and creative way,” said Chas Pierce, Cigna’s Individual and Family Plan Regional Manager.

Some of the benefits of the new CMA Instrumental Healthcare program include a prescription drug discount program, free to all members, that provides savings of up to 60 percent on generic drugs and 25 percent on name brand prescriptions at over 58,000 pharmacies nationwide. The program will also offer supplemental policies such as accidental, disability, dental, and vision.

In addition, all CMA Instrumental Healthcare participants will receive a 25 percent discount on their patient balance at Vanderbilt University Medical Center up to a maximum of $2,000 per claim.

Cigna was onsite during CMA’s annual membership meeting with their Mobile Learning Lab to assist members with questions and plan quotes for the CMA Instrumental Healthcare program today in Nashville.
Photo credit: Christian Bottorff/CMA.

Historically, members of the music industry have faced challenges accessing affordable health care, which was why CMA launched CMA Sound Healthcare in 2007. The newly developed program, CMA Instrumental Healthcare is an example of how Nashville’s music and health care industries can collaborate to make great things happen for members of the industry.

“Our partnership with CMA and its membership represents one of Nashville’s outstanding relationships between two of our city’s leading industries, music and medicine. Through CMA, we are able to further strengthen Vanderbilt’s ties with one of the music industry’s leading organizations,” said C. Wright Pinson, MBA, M.D., deputy vice chancellor for Health Affairs and CEO of the Vanderbilt Health System. “This partnership effectively combines the efforts of each to help CMA members and their families gain greater access to affordable, high quality health care services.”

Through VUMC’s diverse specialty and subspecialty clinics, a vast array of patient care services are available, including those addressing the specific needs of musicians ranging from a sore throat to known occupational music industry hazards such as vocal strain and hearing loss.

CMA Instrumental Healthcare is available for CMA members, including those who may be self-employed, or who cannot otherwise find coverage to suit their interests or family budget. All CMA members currently enrolled in CMA Sound Healthcare will have the option to stay with that program or join the new program.

CMA members who purchase their health care insurance through CMA Instrumental Healthcare will receive an identification logo sticker, which will serve as a gateway to lower costs for Vanderbilt’s health care services.

Existing CMA members can get more information about CMA Instrumental Healthcare by visiting or contacting Pancoast Benefits or by calling (855) 458-8486.

To get information about becoming a CMA member,

Founded in 1958, the Country Music Association was the first trade organization formed to promote a type of music. In 1961, CMA created the Country Music Hall of Fame to recognize artists and industry professionals with Country Music’s highest honor. More than 11,000 music industry professionals and companies from around the globe are members of CMA. The organization’s objectives are to serve as an educational and professional resource for the industry and advance the growth of Country Music around the world. This is accomplished through CMA’s core initiatives: the CMA Awards, which annually recognize outstanding achievement in the industry; the CMA Music Festival, which benefits music education and is taped for a three-hour special; and “CMA Country Christmas,” which tapes Saturday, Nov. 3 and features Country artists performing original music and Christmas classics for broadcast during the holiday season.  All of CMA’s television properties will air on the ABC Television network through 2021.

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