Summer NAMM 2021 Best in Show

Round 3: Companies to Watch

Third Man Hardware

Collaborating with other manufacturers that have really innovate products and helping them put a selection of products together and distribute it. Cool ideas and visions of the future. Concepts of pedals and controllers that can be used in a lot of different ways. But is not just Pedals and controllers, it is a lifestyle brand with a cool vintage image and brilliant branding color scheme – the cool factor (Jack White) has created a culture of collaboration and community with in the Third Man Conglomerate.


The way customers communicate has changed. Your daily interactions have gone from phone calls, voicemail, and email, to online reviews, texting, social media, and more. Keep up with the changes by reading how to interact in the most convenient ways, in order to turn your customers into lifelong, loyal fans. Get more reviews, collect payments, send SMS campaigns, and centralize your communications—all from one easy-to-use platform.

It is the ultimate messaging platform for business to stay in contact contact with your team as well as consumers. Within the first month it pays for itself. Approvals for repairs; messaging clients; used internal and external business relations. Very functional. Pricing is all over the board but willing to work with small business, have a conversation.

American Way Marketing

They sell the must have items that have to be in stores for customers. They specialize in there must need hi-quality products at an affordable price point. Their biggest concern is making the client successful. Great packages catered to your targeted customers with your branding. From custom packaging, components, and private-labeling; the possibilities are endless. On their site you can “create your own care kits.” It is actually pretty cool, you can select your instrument category, then the specific instrument and it gives you an options list of what you can include in that instruments care kit. You can get specific or simple with the kits and then get a quote based on how many you will need. Every region and need is different and this ability to customize is top-notch.

Tagima Guitars

These guitars are Strats at a competitive/affordable price. Feel and sound great. Well setup. Every guitar leaves factory is set-up on the professional level with unique body sizes and finish options.

Higher end models are made in Brazil. Márcio Zaganin, Brazil’s greatest luthier and one of the best luthiers in the world, is currently responsible for production, quality control and new product development. Instruments that are manufactured both in Brazil and abroad are always made with the highest quality control standards.

Tagima has been present at the NAMM Show in Anaheim since 2016, showcasing yearly what our team can bring to your music experience. And so, with utmost care, precision, and determination, Tagima truly believes in its potential to bring musicians fine instruments that allows them to create, express, and perform.

Round 4: Best in Show

JackTrip Labs

JackTrip is a Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows multi-machine audio system used for network music performance over the Internet. It is a Realtime remote music workshop. JackTrip creates the experience of being together in the same room, even when you are physically hundreds of miles apart. That’s why thousands of musicians worldwide use JackTrip every day to rehearse together, perform together, and laugh together.

All sound we hear is delayed. For example, it takes 10 milliseconds to hear the sound from a guitarist standing 10 feet away. Studies have shown that live music requires under 25 milliseconds of delay.

JackTrip transports sound at the speed of light, which travels about 7500 kilometers (4660 miles) in 25 milliseconds. But the Internet isn’t quite that efficient, yet. While JackTrip can be used across any distance, musicians have the most success when they are all located within a range of about 1000 kilometers, or 500 miles. Larger distances are possible when they have fiber Internet connections to their homes.

Create music in realtime in virtual sessions. Latency has been a real thing and this product seems to solve that issue.

QIJack by Analysis Plus

It’s an input or output jack (depending on usage) for your quarter-inch plugs. That’s simple enough. But unlike the most common 60-year old jack design you may be used to, QiJACK takes the whole idea to a completely different level. It can be used with electric guitars, basses, amplifiers, speaker cabinets, pro audio equipment and so much more. It can be used for retrofitting existing instruments, amps, speakers, and any other application where a quarter-inch input/output jack is used or with OEM applications for new products that require (or desire) the highest quality connection and the best possible sound.

BaldMan Percussion, The Stank Foot

Innovative products for drummers and percussionists known as the “The Swiss Army Knife of the Percussion World.”

You can “Stomp It” with the leather strap strapped to your foot you can stomp the “stank plate” to create a classic chain dropping junk hat sound. You can “Hit it” by using the integrated magnet attached to the leather strap and give it a whack to create a white noise electronic snare effect. You can “stick it” by attaching the chains with the magnet to any drum to add complexity and depth. You can “scrape it” with the two corrugated surfaces – one metal and one plastic – to create an awesome gritty guiro sound.

It’s a multi-taker. Bass plate, leather, magnet and chains. Interesting sound. Your imagination is your only limit to how this product can be used. Great for trying to create that individual authentic original sound.

Taylor American Dream Series

Values goes above and beyond with Taylor…Forward-thinking and giving back with sustainability and more. Facing the global COVID-19 crisis, they found themselves again challenged to invent something new. Making music felt more important than ever, and they knew many folks would have less to spend on a new guitar. So, they thought, how can we pack all the essential ingredients of a great guitar into a pro-level instrument and make it more affordable?

This series reflects the principles of innovation and resourcefulness that have always helped Taylor get through challenging times. Taylor created this new line to be affordable; it is built in the states; and it is all-wood. Huge Sound. Also great Taylor case for travel – protection of a hard case with the mobility of a soft case.

Orion OBN-221 Plastic Bassoon

First of all, bassoons are not cheap. Decent price point that can be rented to kids, lets be realistic here. Plastic is the way to go when it comes to tolerance of abuse and neglect make it ideal for young players in a school environment. And kids love to try the bassoon, and this is a great one that’s plastic.

Overall, a great rental value. And with this specific model there is not the concern for sound quality with the instrument .

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