Songwriter’s Spotlight: Stan Webb, The Real Deal

Stan Webb is an award winning singer-songwriter, and to call him “one of a kind” would be an understatement. His bookcases in the den of his home in Lebanon, Tennessee are adorned with his many awards and framed photos of Stan with the who’s who of country music. Over Stan’s illustrious career, his songs have been recorded by Marie Osmond, T.G. Shepard, Terri Gibbs, The Forrester Sister’s, The Osmond Brothers, Silvia, Micheal Johnson, Pam Tillis, Kippi Brannon, John Anderson, Tracy Byrd, Jason Meadows, Jeremy Crady and others. Stan also had a cut in the movie THELMA AND LOUISE with a song co-written with

Pam Tillis. Stan’s signature song is the smash number one hit “I’m From the Country and I like It That Way.” The song was co-written by Marty Brown and recorded by recording artist Tracy Byrd in l997. In Stan’s own words, “The song was pitched like we pitched tunes in the old days. Me and Marty made an appointment with record executive and producer Tony Brown, and Marty sang the song live in his office.” The song was awarded SESAC‟s Song of the Year in 1998.

As a testimony to Stan’s songwriting success, he was presented with the SESAC “Legacy” Award in 2003, only the 3rd writer to receive it in 75 years. 


Stan grew up in Middle Tennessee and currently resides in Lebanon with his loving and beautiful wife, Viola. He started writing at the age of 14, and in his own words, “I guess you can say writing was in my blood. I grew up in a pretty tough neighbor in Antioch, played football and had my share of fights. At the same time, I was writing poetry and love songs, but I use to hide them. The gang I hung out with would have called me a sissy if they knew.” He’s the real deal for he sings and writes from the heart, and many of his songs are inspired by life experiences. One of his first songs is a perfect example of that. He was young and newly married and his wife didn’t take too kindly to him going out and singing in Honky Tonk bars, and one night she laid down the law that he was grounded. His response was simply, “One of These Days but Not Tonight.”


In 1976, he got his first big break. He meet Dianne Petty of ABC Records, and Dianne took Webb under her wing. She and Bill Hall were instrumental in his signing with Lawrence Welk Music. He got his 1st recorded song by George Jones with the song his ex-wife inspired, “One of These Days, But Not Tonight” in 1980. This led to his being awarded SESAC‟s most promising country writer and catapulted him into the mainstream of country music.


 Stan is one of the best known singer-songwriters in Nashville. He performs on a regular basis in club events, on benefit shows and on writer’s nights in Music City. Stan has a big heart and says yes to anyone who asks him to play on a benefit show. One of his favorite charity events is raising funds for school supplies and clothes for the homeless children at the Nashville Mission. Another passion of Stan’s is to reach out to those incarcerated. He has performed for both female and male prisoners at the Riverbend Corrections Facility in Davidson Country. Stan recollected one event there that touched his heart, “I was playing to the women prisoners the song, „Jesus Lives In Momma’s House,‟ and several of the female inmates started crying, including two prisoners that the guard told me were the meanest and toughest in the joint.”  Stan also likes to give back by encouraging and educating new writers on the business and craft of songwriting. He recently took part in September of 2010 in “Play Prague” where he gave several seminars and also headlined the final concert with Kimberley Dahme of the Band Boston.

He performed on the Music Row Songwriters festival last June and is also very active in NSAI, being the coordinator for their Kentucky Chapter. He also has been the guest writer for the Tennessee Songwriters Association and will perform during Tin Pan North in Canada this year.


 At the tender age of 58, Stan is starting a second career. His heartfelt and passionate singing style has always made him a crowd favorite, and it was inevitable that eventually he would record his own album. In 2009, his first CD entitled GET A LITTLE COUNTRY ON YOU of 17 original songs was released. The album was produced with Dave Kirkey and Milton Sledge and is regarded by Stan as the proudest musical achievement in his life. Stan has a unique writing and singing style, which is a fusion of traditional country music with the rock pop feel of today’s “new” country. Several songs on the CD truly rock out, and as proof of his rock and roll heart, Stan Webb is part of Dan Shafer’s “Rock and Load” show, which gives performances and seminars around the country, featuring some of the world’s best known rock singers and musicians.


On the horizon are several exciting projects. Dave Kirkey is going to produce Stan Webb’s first gospel album and was co-producer on Stan’s first CD. Stan is looking to partner with a video producer to record his next prison show at Riverbend. Also in the works, he will be one of the artists featured on an album commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War along with major country stars like John Anderson.


Check out Stan’s music on his website and become an instant fan. Also, fans, booking agents, record labels and distributors are welcome to contact Stan via his e-mail Website:

By: Dan Wunsch

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