Sherri Justice; “The Beauty of Music”

Sherri Justice, "The Beauty of Music"
Sherri Justice, "The Beauty of Music"
Sherri Justice, “The Beauty of Music”

Sherri Justice, country music journalist and host of the amazing show “The Beauty of Music” is a total package when it comes to a powerful woman in the music industry. Her talents are far reaching and she has the business savvy to make it in what some might at one time have called a mans world.

A slogan known to Sherri is “Justice for All” something she stands behind whole hardheartedly. Her live interviews are bright and cheerful with fresh insight in to the other side of country stars life. You get the intimate feel of what the music is about and what the song inspires in the artist and the industry.

Beauty, brains, and loads of talent. This lady has it all and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s the light that most artists want to see standing near the red carpet. Her interviews are fresh, exciting and she brings out the best points, the best quotes, and gets the inside story on the songs from the artists she works with. Along with an intricate part of her production team, camera man Lance Goodman, Sherri shines fresh new insight into the world of country music for all to see.

Sherri Justice, "The Beauty of Music"
Sherri Justice, “The Beauty of Music”

Her popular and well received live country music television program “The Beauty of Music” has a world wide audience and her viewers as well as those fortunate enough to have screen time with her always receive the best in entertainment.

Sherri is a natural when it comes to bringing out the best in the artist and she makes them feel relaxed, not pressured or overwhelmed. She gets to the heart and soul of the meaning behind their message and what they hope to accomplish with their music.

Artists who have been featured on her show include Mickey Gilley, Lorrie Morgan, Ronnie Dunn, Steve Oliver with The Time Jumpers that features the great Vince Gill, and The Oak Ridge Boys. Her show also gives the new independent artists a chance to share in the highlights of being in the spotlight with legendary artists while making their climb up the charts.

Aside from the hustle and bustle of the spotlight Sherri is a single mom, a homebody at heart and a deeply spiritual woman who believes in sharing the beauty of life with as many people as she can. That’s what makes “The Beauty of Music”, her professional and private life so rewarding.

Life is beautiful and this realness of spirit is who I am,” she says. “I think it’s why people relate and open up to me in such a natural way. I believe everyone has a gift granted by God and I’ve been told mine is being able to instantly connect with people. I do “The Beauty of Music” so that artists can share their own beautiful gifts in a real and genuine way.” ~ Sherri Justice~

Sherri Justice, "The Beauty of Music"
Sherri Justice, “The Beauty of Music”

“The Beauty of Music” is brought to you by eWave, the first online multi-channel TV network. The network has over 3 million viewers and a 24/7 selection of programs from food, to family, to spiritual needs and entertainment.

“The Beauty of Music” is a country music TV show featuring up close and personal interviews with new up and coming as well as long time established country music artists. The show gives the new greener independent artists a chance to shine along with the more established firmly planted artists of today and yesterday.

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