Shane Owens Releases New Album Thankful For Country Music

Neo-traditional country music artist and Alabama-native Shane Owens released his new album, Thankful For Country Music, today! The aptly-named fresh set of tunes is released by Amerimonte Records and is available digitally everywhere.

Blending his rich and bold baritone voice over a mixture of contemporary and classic country music sounds, Thankful For Country Music wraps the notes around his listener’s heart with traditional southern storytelling, wholesome family values, and a love for country. These are the hallmarks that Owens’ has built his reputation on as a country music artist.

“This album is the best one we’ve ever recorded,” Owens said. “I’m so thankful for all of the great songwriters and incredible musicians that collaborated with me to bring these songs to life. If you love traditional country music, this is it!”

Known for being one of the few modern day country artists who still pays homage to the old-school classic country sound, Owens journeyed to The Panhandle House in Denton, Texas to record the new album. He continues to work with Nashville-based songwriter Galen Griffin – who has penned hits for Clay WalkerCraig MorganLuke Bryan, and Joe Diffie – along with two of Owens’ past singles “Love To Try Them On,” and “Country Never Goes Out Of Style.”

Thankful For Country Music is produced by Nick “Ace” Lutz who recruited some of Texas’ best studio musicians including Mitchell Smithey (Ray Price, LeeAnn Rimes) on steel guitar; Kerry Huckaba (The Hansens, White River Band) on bass guitar; Jay Brown(Canyon) on piano & background vocals; Dale Morris Jr (Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard) on fiddle; & Andrew Raley (Deryl Dodd), on drums.

Thankful For Country Music Track Listing:
1. 30,000 Feet (Galen Griffin)
2. Christian County (Galen Griffin)
3. I Don’t Love You Any More (Galen Griffin)
4. Dang Strait (Galen Griffin)
5. Everybody Dies (Galen Griffin)
6. Got Some Hurtin’ Done Today (Galen Griffin)
7. Hard Luck Girl (Galen Griffin)
8. I Don’t Have to Die to Go to Heaven (Galen Griffin)
9. Love Me to Death (Galen Griffin)
10. It Wasn’t Rainin’ (Galen Griffin)
11. I’m Not Going Anywhere (Galen Griffin)
12. Thankful (Shane Owens, Curtis Wright)

Album Name:Thankful For Country Music
Digital Release date: December 6, 2019
Physical Release date:December 13, 2019
Label: Amerimonte Records
Catalog #: AMER1017
Produced by: Nick Lutz

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