Renee Wahl Premieres New Single “To The Bone” From New LP, Cut To The Bone , Releasing March 15th

Renee Wahl is set to release her new LP Cut To The Bone on Friday, March 15th. The 9-track set, produced by Stuart Mathis (The Wallflowers, Lucinda Williams) and recorded in Nashville, is a self-exploration of discovery, awareness, and finding the beauty in spite of something painful. She writes from her heart, occasionally changing names “to protect the innocent.” These songs are her darkest, rawest yet, as Wahl opens herself up more than ever before.

The Air Force veteran and physicist applies unique perspective to her craft. “Since music is physics, I see things from another perspective—from songwriting, composition and even how my instruments and equipment works,” she explains. “People think of science as very straight and narrow, but Einstein said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge,’ and I find that to be so very important, to be creative in science. If you’re just following a blueprint, how do you create something new?” Like her songs, Wahl is evolving as an artist. In 2011, she was an up-and-coming voice aspiring to make a name for herself the same way most musicians do—through festival slots and record deals and other forms of “validation.” With time, she’s learned that while those accolades may help enhance the experience, they’re not the end game. The music is. With a refreshed mindset, she’s making her most genuine music yet. 

Renee Wahl’s Cut To The Bone Tracklisting:
1. To The Bone
2. Cold Day in Memphis
3. Me Before You
4. Temptation
5. From Here To There
6. Meds
7. Six Days Til Sunday
8. In The Field
9. What You Need

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