“Red Ticket” Or Not, It Does Not Stop Singer-Songwriter Amanda Goodman-Pruitt

Amanda Goodman Pruitt


Amanda Goodman Pruitt

Rain, sleet, snow or sun cannot keep singer-songwriter, Amanda Goodman-Pruitt, from following her dreams. Amanda traveled to Nashville to audition for the hit reality talent show, The Voice, this past weekend with hope to get a red ticket and move on to the next round. “This will be my sixth audition for this show,” said Amanda.

Unfortunately Amanda did not receive a “Red Ticket” on her audition on Saturday; therefore she auditioned again on Sunday without a ticket as well. Many hometown followers and fans ask her why she continues to keep auditioning for the shows, but Amanda humbly replies with, “I teach my kids to never give up, so I can’t either!”


Amanda has auditioned for every talent show anyone can possibly think of and no one has given her one chance to move forward. Many believe that this would completely wipe out the emotions and drive of an artist, but Amanda keeps going. “Please understand that I do get upset at times and it really hurts, but in the end I know God has a plan and maybe these auditions are only getting me ready for the one YES that is coming my way,” Amanda said. “The auditions are by one person’s opinion and there are so many amazing singers that get rejected. They run us through like cattle and only give us 30-60 seconds to show ONE person that we can really sing- it’s kind of ridiculous but it’s their process.”


Although Amanda has struggled in the audition scenes of reality talent shows, Amanda has an amazing voice and is an all rounded performer, singer, song-writer and guitarist.

Amanda has been in the professional scene of the music business for almost five years but has been singing on stage since the age of four. Her rough and traditional style reminds listeners of Janise Joplin with an angelic twist of Patsy Cline and Martina McBride. “I never try and be anything but myself, I can take positive criticism very well and I’m always thriving to learn and change where change is needed,” said Amanda. “Ultimately music is supposed to be fun and never a roller coaster…I hate drama and will do everything in my power to avoid it and then write a song about it.”


Amanda has been signed with Independent label; Tate Music Group of Mustang, Oklahoma, for almost two years and her fourth album, Something Will Give, was released nationwide in February 2013. “I’m so passionate about music and releasing the album was justification that I was able to be like all the big stars,” she said. Amanda has traveled all over the country working with hit songwriters such as Tony Stampley and several musicians, engineers, producers, managers, booking agents and mentors. She has attended several singer-songwriter festivals in Nashville and has attended several conferences and workshops across Florida and Texas.









Amanda is apart of a well-rounded band, Rugged Heart, and it consists of five seasoned musicians. Rugged Heart has been tackling the Texas Music Scene over the past year with great success and huge exposure. Over the past month Amanda has changed management and booking agencies and plans on tackling the bigger venues in 2014.

“My goals are to be able to have a career in what I love- music,” said Amanda. “I have a degree from Texas A&M in Journalism and Performing Arts, but my heart is on stage most of the time…”


Amanda has a supportive family and wants nothing else but one day to show them that… this has all been worth it. When it’s time to audition again, you’ll find Amanda in the long lines hunkered down from the cold winds and rain of Nashville or from the hot temperatures of Texas…but in the mean time…


Amanda is out there in Texas living her dream and paying her dues one gig and audition at a time. You can find her singing with the Bull Creek Cowboy Church of Lone Oak, TX on most Sunday mornings or you’ll find her playing the local fairs, festivals and bar and grills on the weekends. She is a rock solid artist who is very eager to learn. When you find her, you’ll be not only amazed by her voice but her passion to succeed and her drive that is never ending. For more info or booking information or to become her fan, visitwww.Amandagp.com.


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