Rachael Yamagata at City Winery Nashville February 12th

Rachael Yamagata is going to be at City Winery in Nashville on Monday, February 12th on her tour “Song. Stories. Solo.”. She is currently on her first solo tour that has been going strong for almost three years straight. “The solo idea was something I had never done, it presents the songs in such a unique way because there is no place to hide, no bells and whistles, no trajection, no fireworks going off- it’s a different type of connection to the audience that I wanted to explore for them as well as for myself.” Yamagata explains the tour and how intimate it has become. She is familiar with City Winery having played in New York, Boston, and Nashville. “It’s the right spot with the right setting- candle lit tables, the music listening room, they have a reputation for bringing in an audience that will come because they know somebody has been beautifully curated for the venue.”

Rachael has proven to be an intimate singer/songwriter. Her passion is music. She finds people to be very important in all stages of producing the perfect songs. “I love the emotional well that we as people have in trying to be the hero of our own lives and persevere.” Yamagata said when asked about where she finds inspiration. She was open about how the solo tour has been inspiring to her not only as a singer, but as a person. “It’s been quite beautiful so far, there’s an extra layer of vulnerability that I don’t even know if people realize is happening for me.”

Rachael is very forthcoming about her feelings on life and the relationships we have with one another. “I’m completely inspired by the sociology of the human condition.” She has a way with words and into the heart of her fans with her soulful personality. She strives to have a deep connection with the audience. “One of the best things to do to get inspired is to change it up.” This is something that she has done.

With her tour coming to an end in March she has time to unwind. Rachael says, “this is like the book end to these songs before I go back into the studio.” She said she has written about eleven songs over this tour. She will be working to get a new album out within the next year, but she will need time to “translate the last couple of years”. Rachael seems to always be on the lookout for her next song. “Song writers are observers- they are always watching.” She explains further, “The troubles that we face in love and in life- all of that is inspiring.” The ideas for a future album are still in the early stages, but we are sure to hear more from her soon.

She sounded enthusiastic about being back in Nashville. Her favorite place is at her good friend, Jordan Brooke Hamlin’s, studio Marionette Management describing it as “phenomenal”.  She also wants to encourage people to show up early on Monday night. “John Alagia is opening the show, he is incredible.” Alagia has worked with Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and many more.  Nashville’s City Winery will be the place to be come Monday night.

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Story BY: Taraya Harvey


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