Pop Artist Crooked Flower Introducing Their Latest Video “Around and Around” From Their “Into The Light” Album

Her voice is smooth but vibrant and the song will keep you moving throughout the entire experience. Instrumentally it is superb and inviting. Vocally Angie Dang brings it full circle. Your gonna want this one on your repeat list.

This artist is defiantely one to watch in 2019. Angie Dang squares it solid with some of the best vocals to hit the airwaves this year. Her R&B sound gives life to an avaunt-garde style that embraces a flawless sensation. Throughout the album you’ll find mesmerizing guitar sounds with Dan Ingberman, and Daniel Erick, super charged bass player and drummer Patrick Shields tighten the entire effect so there is no slack or slouch in any note.

I enjoyed the slow down about halfway through the song, it was as if a small hint of soft groove invaded, then it hit hard and took me back into the rock vibe.

The creation of Crooked Flower was destined years ago when Daniel Erick made his first appearance in Dan Ingbermans home studio at the young age of 4. Ingberman was a guitarist and songwriter who had been living and performing in the St. Louis area for some time. Daniel was totally mesmerized by the studio and the instruments he saw. Soon after Daniel would begin learning to play before he ever made it to first grade, before long he was performing live.

At the age of 18, Daniel made his way to Berkeley CA where he and Dan began performing together. In 2014 the two “Dans” recruited phenomenal drummer, Patrick Shields into the mix and the superb Angelina Dang came in on vocals, guitar and keys.

In what has been a whirlwind collaboration the four have produced 3 albums. “End of the Highway”, “The Moon, Anyway”, and “On My Mind”. The fourth is the one we are featuring here, “Into The Light”, which was released this past February 17th, 2019.

“Into The Light” is in support and honor of Canada’s Liberation Day 10/17/2018. The album features title tracks such as “Search Warrant”, “10 Million Seeds”, and “Freedom” to show tribute to the fight for our rights to party. The collection is funky, freaky, and far out.

Performers on this album are Angelina Dang on vocals, keyboards, and guitar and Daniel Eric, on bass, followed by Dan Ingberman on guitar, and holding it down solid is Patrick Shields on drums and percussion.

This artist presents in the genre’s/styles of Rock, psychedelic rock, jam band rock, pop, 70s rock and has been likened to artists such as Cure, Pretenders, Grateful Dead, Clash, No Doubt, and The Velvet Underground.

Crooked Flower hit’s all the right notes, all the cool spots, and fills the airwaves with just the right vibe. All the right melodies flow from modern to vintage and beyond. With essence of jazzy rhythm, groovy psychedelic tonality and smooth groovin R&B this album is top of the list.

“From our October 2018 disk, “Into The Light.” It’s dual use: in part it’s a love song about a partner who goes back and forth. I wrote it during the throes of that situation. But this song is also a commentary about the irrationality we see all around us – the willingness to believe things that are blatantly false, while accusing others of peddling “fake news.” The Drug War is obviously part of this but of course not all of it.”

~Artist, Crooked Flower~

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