Pauline Andrews’ “Fearless Heart” Single Review

Pauline Andres’ “Fearless Heart” is about trying to love again after it has been broken. “Fearless Heart” is the title track for most recent album. 
“Fearless Heart” is all about finding a way to start over. The melody is slow, and the vocals are smooth. The guitar is a highlight throughout giving an edgy feel to the song. Andres vocals are low and thick, you can really hear the emotion she is expressing. This song emphasizes passion about finding love again. “Forget the past” and move on. A relatable broken love story, “Fearless Heart” is a mix of sounds and senses that are all to familiar on country radio.
Pauline Andres puts her heart on the line for us to hear everything she has to offer. Pauline was born in France. She spent time in Berlin and realized she belongs somewhere else. She wanted a place where Country music is continuously changing and where people are open to unique vocals. So she chose Nashville.
Pauline has a strong sound that isn’t found within Traditional Country. She has written, composed, played, and produced all the songs on her Fearless Heart album. She uses life experiences and her driven independence to write. She’s a new sound to Nashville that reminds me of a mix between Sheryl Crow and Stevie Knicks. Her lyrics are raw, and her voice is unique. If you are looking for a new wave of country Pauline Andres may be just what you are wanting.

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Taraya Harvey


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