Opinion–Another Minus For Blake Shelton

It is great to be successful in your chosen field, and especially in the entertainment business, but when it comes to being successful with thousands of fans who are your support base, and you do not know how to handle this success, then it is time for your parents, your friends, your management, your booking agent, or maybe even your fans, to tell you that you need to change some of your ways, when it affects all of these people, who are the ones who make or break what you do.  An entertainer is only as good as his fan base-remember that.

So, let’s talk about a young successful artist, who, from what I have heard, has a real potty mouth.  I guess to some people, that is really no big deal, but it seems to be turning people off and away from Blake Shelton, who evidently has a LARGE EGO to go with his career status.  I remember him saying that the road gets to him and he would rather spend more time at home.  When he made the choice to want to become successful in the music business, his life changed.  Now the Grand Ole Opry has inducted him as their new member, which is really not all that great when you look at all of the rest that they have inducted over the past several years, and I can recall that only Martina McBride, Diamond Rio, Brad Paisley, Steve Wariner, maybe a couple of others, come back on a regular appearance, oh yes and Carrie Underwood has been good for the Opry.   BUT I don’t believe there is a language problem with these artists or any of the others when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and any other electronic messaging, which Shelton uses to express his thoughts, and it gets pretty rugged at times.  Is he trying to be Mr. Ego, in that he feels he can say what he wants, when he wants?  I believe he is engaged to Miranda Lambert, and isn’t it true that she has had problems at some of her concerts with her mouth.  Then there is Jamey Johnson, one of the new super awesome artist/songwriters, (and pure country to the bone), who is having trouble with promoters, venues, and all because of his mouth.  I love his music and his writing.  I met him last year at a Christmas Party and he told me how much he loved Johnny PayCheck music, but let’s just be cautious of what we say in public that might turn off the fans, talents agents, venues, and promoters.  When PayCheck was at the top of his game, he was the lead artists in the Outlaw time of music, and his fan base were Take This Job & Shove It Fans, plus the ones who loved all of his music, but this is another day and time.

Now back to the Shelton story.  Somebody come forward and tell me that Shelton does not use the language that they are accusing him of using.  Twitter and Facebook can be an asset or can be detrimental to anyone, if they are in business, personal, or entertainment.  Shelton should use this free line of addressing his fans and whoever, for only purposes of talking about his career, and in doing so, get rid of the macho language that he is using.  No one thinks it is funny, no one appreciates it, and he will continue to lose a certain amount of his fan base by continuing to express his thoughts with bad language.  Hey, when your with the guys on the bus or in the dressing room, that is your business, but when you are sending your messages out to the public, use some discretion, when and where use foul language, and please when you are inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, don’t embarrass the country music industry with your mouth, other than singing.   Sing your hit songs, and don’t forget to make regular appearances at your new home in country music.

You might not like what I have said, but I don’t like what you are saying, so continue to sing great songs and use whatever language you wish, when it is with “your buddies.”

Marty Martel | martymartel@legendsfest.com



  1. Damn.. I would say that

    “To Makin_majik:

    I choose Blake Shelton because he could be the next superstar since Garth Brooks and Toby Keith….”

    Now that is a pretty damn good compliment people. Marty wants the same thing that everyone here wants. Blake’s success! I was thrown there for a minute on the original opinion, but I kinda see where he is going with this.

  2. I have one question, Marty, and that is… have YOU ever been to a Blake Shelton show? I’ve been to 4 so far, and other then when he’s setting up for “Kiss my country ass” I can’t recall the language you’re referring to. Even then I don’t think he says anything more then “ass” or “damn” and considering how the crowd gets into said song I don’t think they’re bothered. And I don’t believe it would be a song he’d sing on the Opry.

  3. Paula,

    Well said. Everyone disagree’s. I prefer artists who entertain me with their music especially when they are riding the crest of success. I am sure Blake Shelton is an honest person, but so are you and so am I, but my thoughts differ from yours, and like you I will not step back from what I said. Blake does have options he can use. Tell booking agents and management mongrels that he needs time off. His record label can do that also, so that he can prepare for new CD’s. Trust me, the music industry is one of the toughest businesses in the world and it can take people to new heights, but it can also bring them to the bottom of a barrel. Have a nice day.

  4. We will just have to agree to disagree Marty. You seem to prefer artists who smile all the time are afraid and censor everything they say and do as not to offend everyone. I respect honest people and find it refreshing to hear someone say yeah I’m grateful but I’m human and I’m also a little tired. You are right money isn’t everything being a real honest person however is.

  5. Shelton’s fans are making me write, but I love every minute of their comments. He should be thankful for his support at this time. I made a mistake on my comments to Paula. Should have been-Money is not everything.

  6. Paula,

    You missed the whole point. There are artists who would give their right arm to be in the position that Shelton is in. They would stay out on the road until they reached the next level, where Blake wants to go-but stop the whining about staying on the road too long. He knew what it was like before he ventured into this business. And there are no double standards with Marty Martel, and I am not preaching, just stating facts. If you don’t like staying out on the road, then get off. Do what Kenny Chesney done, take some time off and get the juices flowing again. WHEN YOU ARE A SUPER STAR YOU CAN MAKE CHOICES!!
    No cheap shot, just facts of life. If he is tired, then he might think about changing his lifestyle to find a way to cope with being on the road all of the time. Money is everything.

    Look at Chris Young’s itinerary and you will not hear him talking about his time on the road, where he can say and do what he wants with his band and crew, in their buses and on the road. Sounds like some of Blake’s fans want to argue and not talk about the issue.

  7. Marty, you say the issue is just language however if you reread your own piece, you specutated about Blake’s future participation in the Opry and you took the very cheap shot about him saying he is a little from his long year on the road. I sense a double standard in your preaching about staying on topic.

  8. My last comments were not only to Makin_majik but to all of Blake’s fans. I want to see another superstar in country music. We have Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift and who is going to be the next one??? I meant to say I have given my comments openly and I accept all of Blake Shelton’s fans comments also.

    • I AGREE WITH YOU MARTY! I LIKE SOME OF HIS SONGs but country music is not real country music any more ..dress right /show repect/& leave bad laugage out seems that some of the new stars try to be on Grand Opry to get notice !!!! us true friends of all the classics singers are hear to stay & people are forgetting who paved the way..ROSE Hoover..put the fiddles & steel guitars back in !!

  9. To Makin_majik:

    I choose Blake Shelton because he could be the next superstar since Garth Brooks and Toby Keith, and he is exiling a lot of fans who love his music but get turned off by his mouth. He is losing CD sales, concert ticket sales, and merchandise sales. Twitter and Facebook do not dictate to our society what is expected of us, it is just another out for those that want to have everyone read what they say and how they say it. Gimme a break on Twitter and Facebook.

    No his language is not going to bring the downfall of country music, because that is already happening. If you think that Blake will be the one who brings country music back to being successful, you need to look at the #’s, and you will sing a different tune. And Willie never talks about his smoking habits, he just does it, and makes no bones about it, but you will never hear him cuss on his stage. I have been on his bus with him, backstage at his concerts, and he is the same Willie Nelson. He interacts as good as anyone in country, including Blake Shelton. Willie Nelson is a legendary icon in country music and he has helped it through its’ tough times.

    I am not picking on Shelton alone. I spoke also of Jamey Johnson and his tirades on stage, and Hank Jr. is no saint by any stretch of the imagination either. But Blake Shelton is a young gun and has an opportunity that comes along only once in a lifetime and when it is gone-it is gone.

    BTW, I do go to church and I still curse, but I know my place and when and where I use it. I am no prude, but Blake Shelton has a super career going, why alienate a great grouping of fans who he is turning off with his beer drinking and bad language. Someone told me this is a new day and age. REALLY. Poor language will never be accepted unless you allow it, so are you allowing it and saying it is the in thing…..????? You are absolutely correct in saying, if you don’t like it-turn it off, but when an entertainer is performing in front of an audience, there is no way for the fans who do not like it to tune it out, when it comes throughout the show. I can handle the pro’s and con’s of my comments and I hope you can also, and all of Blake Shelton’ fans should be able hear negative commen

    I commend him on loving country music, The Grand OIe Opry, and how many of the new artists dress like pigs, but if he is going to be a leader, then he should lead by example, not by getting his points across by a beer in his hand and bad language.

    AND PLEEEAAASSSE LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THE KIDS CARTOONS, ETC. We are getting into our government and their non-sanction of TV and Radio. Blake Shelton should not becom a Imus or Limbaugh.

    I will not go back on saying I like his music and how much he loves country music, but I have loved traditional country music, and many of the new artists, plus the Grand Ole Opry, for probably more years than you and I want to be around when we have another superstar in our midst. I have given my comments openly and I accept all of Blake Shelton’s comments.

  10. If your issue is just with “foul language” then why choose just Blake Shelton as your center piece? I follow several country stars on Twitter and attend many country concerts….foul lauage isn’t exclusive to just Blake. The fact is that swearing is no longer considered a hell worthy tresspass and is socially exceptable in the year 2010. Should it be? Probably not. But it is….Blakes language is not going to bring about the downfall of country music….any more than Willy’s love for talking about his pot smoking. You want everyone to understand and respect your opinion, I am willing to do that if you will understand why everyone posted comments against it. When you make an issue and choose one of many offenders then your article seams to be picking on that one artists. You want to see there are others who use the same language as Blake, follow them on twitter, you want a swear free life…go to church. Poor language in social situations is now well accepted….even kids cartoons have been infiltrated with off color humor and innuendos. I don’t always like it, but unless your willing to turn off and tune out….you are going to hear it.

  11. The following came to me from a personal friend who emailed me after reading my article on Blake Shelton. This is one of my great friends. I just want to show you that my friends speak their peace also and I am not afraid to send it out for all to read.

    “I went to an outside Blake concert at the DownStream casino near Joplin MO in August. He used hardly any foul language at all, but he did drink quite a few beers thruout his FANTASTIC Hit Filled show. (plus some great cover songs) There were about 5000 folks attending and it was hotter than HELL. Both Blake and his GREAT BAND impressed me quite a bit. It was the first time I’d ever heard “East Bound and Down” on Twin Lead Guitars. WOW! They stay as Country as it is possible to in these Pop oriented days and still satisfied the Hank Jr Fans..”

    I am open to the pro’s and con’s, so let’s see if the Blake Shelton Fans can do the same and not be so critical of anyone who says anything negative about him. You can still be an avid fan and supporter, but accept the fact that not everyone shares your feelings.

  12. And please let’s not say that he will do more for the Grand Ole Opry than Carrie. We are talking about one subject only, “language.” Let’s not jump on another train. And if there is a reason why Blake Shelton is becoming the newest member of the Opry, because of his peers, that is great, and that is the way it should be, but he is not the savior of the Grand Ole Opry. We all know that his fellow artists love his music. It is going to take Blake Shelton and ALL MEMBERS OF THE OPRY TO MAKE IT SURVIVE, and Blake Shelton is just one member.

    All of the posts seem to think that I am totally against this man-wrong, but he is a celebrity and foul language is no good in public. Let’s not use Twitter and Facebook so that you can say, “Oh it’s okay, he only said it on Twitter and Facebook.”

  13. I have not problems with Blake Shelton’s good looks, his singing, his songs or his impact on country music. Just don’t use offensive language in your shows and give me one good reason for using bad language in a public show. This is country music it is not rap or any other music. And it does not make any difference to me how far you travel to come and see his induction. Fans are supposed to do that. I am chastising anyone for the support of their favorite star, but don’t give me that junk about interacting with the fans. That is great, but bad language does not have to be part of that interaction, but evidently all of you are such great fans that it does not bother you, but it for sure bothers a lot of other people who could be fans.

    I don’t live in the past I live in the present and I appreciate his music but that is where it ends. He might be the best person in the world and he might interact with all of his fans. Yes Freedom of Speech is the right we enjoy in this country and you, Blake and myself have that Freedom.

    Let’s see how many appearances he makes on the Opry after his induction and I will be more than willing to eat a whole crow pie. I hope he comes back to the Opry every chance he gets.

    BTW, we are not talking about his showmanship, his great voice, his looks, his songs, his fan base, we are talking about using language that he does not need to use. Gimme a break. I am not judging Shelton on his ability or what he does with his fans or career, just his language, and just because you like it or think it is great-not everyone thinks your way. There is no hate from me, so don’t tell me not to judge his actions just because you think they are funny. I DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT. All of the post regarding what I wrote about Blake Shelton are busting my rump for speaking out for those that won’t use the Twitter or Facebook to speak their mind, but that it what this is for. I appreciate your candor and support of Blake Shelton, but I don’t have to accept what I don’t like, just like all of you don’t appreciate what I said about Blake. I have the same rights as you have.

    • I have been to several Blake shows and I don’t remember hardly any if at all there being cursing during the show. Maybe 1 or 2 words. But here’s the thing Marty, his fans are fully aware that this is him and that a “bad” word is possible at his shows. It isn’t a surprise. I’ve seen kids at his shows. I’ve brought MY daughter to his shows. She was with me at his house. There was NOTHING offensive any time she has been with me at a show or otherwise. Blake’s mouth is by far worse on Twitter than anywhere else. Enter at your own risk. He is who he is and his fans accept him for that. I’m willing to bet that the night he and Trace performed Hillbilly Bone at the Opry and he was invited to become a member, he wasn’t using bad language. I’m willing to bet he never will. He knows there is a time and a place and out of respect for the Opry I’m sure he will watch his tongue while there.
      If your article was written from research, I might possibly understand your criticism more. But, since you clearly haven’t been to enough of the mans shows to see what an amazing and non-offensive perfomer he is, I say call it a day and move on to a different celeb to bash.

    • I agree with you Marty…Im on Twitter and I see everything Blake writes and I’ve tried to talk to him about his foul mouth but he wont discuss it…I believe before it is all said and done He will lose his membership with The Opry.I like Blake and his music but Im dead against any public display of this kind of talk. I seen a Tweet from Reba asking Blake to clean up his Tweets because her Mother reads them.I have read enough of Blakes Tweets to know I dont believe He will change. Thanks for having the guts to speak out against foul talk.

  14. There is nobody more deserving of an induction into the Opry than Blake Tollison Shelton. Not only has he worked hard for it, nobody had a greater respect for and love of country music and its history than he does. There is a time and place for everything and Blake knows this. He has fun with his fans on twitter but would never do anything disrespectful to the Opry. In fact, he has chewed out people for example who do not show enough respect say by not dressing up. I am very proud to be attending his induction with my friends Claire and Kristin- we will be there with bells on to cheer on an awesome man on a well deserved special day!!!!

  15. With all the hate and negativity going on in the world and in cyber space you choose to pick on Blake Shelton. Shame on you and shame on any of these so called fans who are “turned” off by a little crude humor. Blake is a performer, and a hell of a good one, but at the end of the day he is human like the rest of us and has as much right to express himself in the same ways the rest of us do. Instead of trying to stir up hate and discontent, why don’t you write about the positive aspects of Blake Shelton? Or the positive aspect of anyone. The world is full of negativity, before you judge others about their part in the downfall of society why don’t you take a few moments to take a good look at your own part in it.!! It takes just as much time to say something nice about someone as it does to say something bad….but i guess it just isn’t as much fun!!

  16. I think your LARGE EGO has lead you to write a very undeserving article about Blake Shelton. Go to one of his shows, you will find that totally appreciates his fans. I think he’s a naturally funny person and is real as real can be. As a fan I appreciate Blake’s great personality and humor.
    Oh, by the way, really crappy of you to take a jab at Miranda Lambert like you did.

  17. Since you shared your opinion I’ll share mine. I’ve followed Blake’s careers since the 1st time I heard Austin on the radio. I was an insta-fan. The best thing about this man is he’s real. No fake hiding behind a hat or costume. He likes to hunt and fish, he loves his family, his woman, he loves his fans and he loves is country. For a long damn time he was overlooked by “the powers that be” and we as fans have remained true to him because of the person he is. He shares his personal side with us and we love him for it. This entire experience from buying his cd’s to hearing of awards and his upcoming induction into the Grand Ole Opry has made me proud to have been along for this wild ride. He’s a funny guy with a warped sense of humor and he’s ours. If you don’t like Blake Shelton as he is…you can KMCA!

  18. One last thought, this quote ” No one thinks it is funny, no one appreciates it…” shows how completely out of touch you are Marty!

  19. BTW Marty take a poll, I wonder how many inductees to the Opry have had as many fans flying to Nashville for their induction as Blake, pretty impressive in the current economy.

  20. What you are perching holds next to no truth. One of the things that is so great about Blake Shelton is that he’s real, and his REAL FANS love him for that. They can relate to the things he says, true cussing isn’t necessary but everyone does it, I don’t mean its right, but its not as bad as you’re making it.

    I’ve been a fan of Shelton since “Austin”, I’ve followed him on Twitter since Oct-09, and I have more respect and admonition for him now Then ever. He really truely cares for his fans, and any one who takes the time to look past their jealousy, that out of the million plus mentions he receives a day THEIRS isn’t the one he replies to, can see that. I don’t see many other celebrities replying to their fan base even half as much as Shelton, or in turn following back. His wit, sense of humor, and the fact he is so real have brought people to check out his music, and in turn brought attention back to country music.

    As to his fan base; if you can’t see he cares for his fans by the time he takes to reply, to send birthday wishes, or just bring smiles, go to a concert….better yet, go to a meet and greet. I’ve seen him give each and every person his full attention making them feel that he’s so happy that “they” came to see him, in the few seconds he’s able to spend with them before a show. If you want to truely know how Shelton’s fans feel you should ASK the fans! I think there is a underlining issue that you’re bitching about here, and I don’t think cussing is it.

    As for his Opry induction, all of his fans couldn’t be happier or prouder! I believe the last thing that Blake Shelton has is a “large ego” the other night after a show he was standing talking to a old friend when a nervous fan came up to him, a lot of celebrities these days might have been too busy for a fan that’s what a meet and greet is for, but when Shelton was told the young girl was nervous he took the time to talk to her, with no hesitation.

    There are many times on Twitter where people feel they have the right to tell Shelton how they feel about him. Saying he’s an “ass” or “scum” etc. where is it ok to say these things about someone? Then when he gives back his opinion, in a way must people might, he’s made to look the “bad guy”. If they don’t like what he says then don’t follow him. You can like his music, without liking his lifestyle. People still love Elvis, and he was known for a life of drugs, alcohol, and cheating. There are many loved celebrities who’s choice of lifestyle is less then appealing.

    As for the road wearing on him, he’s human its a hard life, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his life, his job, or his fans any less.

    Here’s a tweet Blake posted last Wednesday, October 13th.

    @blakesheltonI know i’ve been absent on twitter lately.. I’ve spent the last few days with Miranda, family and some friends (cont) http://tl.gd/6fcdk2

  21. oh and one more thing all singers old and new could learn a lot from blake shelton..he treats his fans as buddies check out his followers on twitter ..theres sure a lot of them !

  22. It seems you dont know Blake Shelton fans really well AT ALL!!.. We love Blake Shelton tweets and It makes him who he is but that isnt all there is too Blake Shelton.. We love him cause he doesnt take any crap from anyone and is being himself and for that I freakin love him..

  23. So let me get this straight, sir, you think that you should have the freedom to tell Blake Shelton to keep his mouth shut unless it’s to sing, yet you condemn him for saying things in a way that you don’t approve. Lucky for you, freedom of speech gives you the ability to do that while also covering Mr. Shelton’s speech. Like any other consumer, you have the power not to buy his product. I personally like people who say what’s on their mind. You know where they stand, unlike those who hide their real opinions behind political correctness. Heaven forbid if someone gets insulted. How will their fragile egoes ever recover. Grow up and man up, sir.

  24. Apparently Marty has very little knowledge of Blake Shelton fans. We love him for his candor and his “potty mouth tweets. We also love him because he is real, kind, adores his fans and oh BTW Marty, he has one of the best voices in any genre, There is a reason that Blake is being inducted to the Opry and a reason that his peers love him …..he is real!!!

  25. You need to take a harder look @ Blake and what he has to say . He is who he is and nothing more, maybe a little less when people seem to think their negative opinions matter. I see a grown man who is free 2 say what he feels. Isn’t that what this nation is about? If I was in his shoes I would miss home too. I mean artists are more than a breathing jukebox, they have lives and loved ones they miss. Be fair. As for the Opry, he will do far more for the grand old institution than Carrie ever will. To make a long rant a little shorter…. Who died and made you the 1st amendment police!?! 😉

  26. There are alot of times when I agree with exactly what you’re saying. I hate the fact that such foul language is used by some people and everyone just laughs it off like its okay. But in Blake Shelton’s case, I have to say that it doesn’t bother me. He has such a great rapport with his fans, and that’s why it doesnt bother him. He talks to them like they are his “buddies” and they really are. There is a time and a place to put on an act, but fans want to know the real person, and he does that for them. As far as Miranda Lambert goes, if Blake and Miranda both get along and love each other, then obviously the language is not an issue between them. We all want someone who loves us for who we are and the stupid things that we sometimes do. If Blake were to change, he would lose his fans for sure. Those who are opposed to his language, should not follow his Twitter page, and continue loving him for his music. He’s a good guy, and he’s amazing to his fans. When alot of arists and actors refuse to be real with their fans and choose to see them as minions, he is down there partying with them like a real person. I applaud him for that. So in this case, I am going to respectfully disagree.

  27. I say take this article and shove it.
    As a “follower” of Blake Shelton on Twitter, I don’t follow him to hear about his tours in cities where I can’t be. I don’t follow him to hear some stuffy, country artist, full of his own music and no sense of humor try to stuff it down my throat. Blake is real. He is a country boy from Ada, Oklahoma and never claimed to be anything other than that. This is him, take him or leave him. Anyone that has had the opportunity to meet him (which I have), knows that he is very gracious and appreciative of his fans, family and the roots from which he came from. He knew nothing of me but yet he welcomed me and my 10 year old daughter into his home. He was kind and warm and I didn’t hear a single profanitiy that night. (Perhaps because there was a child in his presence). If you don’t like him, don’t follow him. He’s fine with that. Leave the love us fans have for him to us.

  28. I dis-agree. Blake is awsome loveable and very humerous.Heck when I’m really sad, I go to Blake’s twitter and he makes me laugh.U dont like Blake fine! keep it to urself!!! u shouldnt make posts like this, its rude! Blake shouldnt have to change his behavior i love him to pieces!And his humour is something to value not dispute! Yes theres things that r kinda to much information. But its ridiculous to make a post and put some one down!

  29. Ask any blake shelton fans on twitter ..yes blake is funny yes his tweets are appreciated ..for every fan he loses with his mouth he gains ten more ..its obvious you are not on twitter when your refering to his potty mouth .we support blakes music and his tweets..the way he interacts with his fans always tweeting etc is pretty much awesome ! Now on twitter we are known as blakes_balls and we pride ourselves on entertaining blake shelton fans because we are fans ..now till you read blakes tweets your opinion is not well researched.

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