Nashville’s Song Suffragettes Pay Tribute to Aretha Franklin


In order of appearance: Candi Carpenter, Jaclyn Kenyon, Tiera, Chloe Gilligan, Kalie Shorr
A group of young women from Nashville’s all-female singer/songwriter collective, Song Suffragettes, paid tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, on Monday as part of their weekly round-style performance at The Listening Room. Franklin passed away August 16th.

The five women featured in this video represent the 200+ women who have performed as a part of Song Suffragettes and are each impacting the music scene in their own ways: Candi CarpenterJaclyn KenyonTieraChloe Gilligan and Kalie Shorr.

About Song Suffragettes

Song Suffragettes is a collective of female singer-songwriters that performs every Monday night at The Listening Room Café in Nashville, TN. In just over four years, Song Suffragettes has showcased over 200 talented women out of over 1,300 who have submitted to play the showcase. With weekly sell-outs and a mantra of #LetTheGirlsPlay, Song Suffragettes vocally combats wide-spread discrimination against women in the music industry by giving female talent a place to play, grow and evolve with fellow creatives. Since its inception, 9 Song Suffragettes women have gone on to receive record deals and 37 have landed music publishing deals. With over 2.2 million views on their YouTube channel, Song Suffragettes was recently named by Billboard magazine as one of “Next-Gen Nashville: 16 People, Places and Things Shaking Up Music City”. Featured in USA Today, Washington Post,, Boston Globe and more, Song Suffragettes continues to fight for female talent to be heard throughout the country and beyond. Visit for more information.

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