Lucky 13 with Ava Rowland

Lucky 13 with Ava Rowland

Without music, I would be …a much different person than I am today. I think I would be lost.
Music is … my life. It always has been, and it always will be.
My music makes me feel … excited. I am getting the opportunity to express who I am.
I write the songs because … it is a way to express or release thoughts and emotions that aren’t always easy to say.
Support music because … it can change lives, which can change the world.

~ Ava Rowland ~

1. What was the first song you ever performed?

The first song I sang was “We Fall Down”. I was nine years old and I sang it at church.

2. Did you come from a musical background?

Yes! My Great-Grandparents sang all the time when I was growing up. My Grandpa and my Uncles all play guitar and sing. My Mom and Dad both sang and led worship in our church.

3. What are your musical influences?

My family has been the greatest musical influence in my life. However, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, Carrie Underwood, Elvis Presley, and Francesca Battistelli have all been strong influences in my life as well as many others.

4. How do you balance your music career with your other obligations in life?

Balancing a music career and other obligations in life takes a lot of focus, energy, and discipline. I exercise everyday, eat healthy and drink lots of water. I spend time reading and studying God’s Word daily. I make sure to surround myself with family and friends who are positive influences.

5. What is a typical day/week like for you?

I have breakfast, then I have my quiet time with Jesus (this part is a must or my whole day is thrown off), workout, go to work at The Boys & Girls Club of America, and come home and eat dinner. Finally, I finish my day off playing some music, running through sets for my shows and writing songs.

6. What are 3 things that you have to have with you at all times/never leave home without?

I must have my phone, my purse, and a bottle of water with me at all times.

7. If you had to describe your music in three or four words, what would you call it?

I would use the following words to describe my music: joy, fun, love, and sorrow.

8. Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us?

I have a passion for sharing the story of Rachel Scott, the first victim from the 1999 Columbine High School Shooting. She wanted to change the lives of others by being compassionate and kind. She wrote an essay a few months before she died titled “My Ethics, My Codes of Life”. She challenges the reader to go out of their way to show compassion to others. She states “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same”. After her death, this essay inspired her family to start a school program called “Rachel’s Challenge”. It highlights how the smallest gesture of kindness can make a world of difference in someone’s life. My senior year of high school, I raised over $5,500 to have the program brought to my school. Rachel’s love for God and others has changed my life. Someday I would like to donate the money to schools all over the world so that they can have “Rachel’s Challenge” come to their school and be inspired to start a chain reaction.

9. How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from the music?

I love watching old movies, shows on Netflix, spending time with family & friends, and reading books about true stories.

10. Someone once said write what you would want to perform over and over. With that in mind, what song do you love to perform the most?

I love to perform my song Polaroid Picture. People seem to catch onto the lyrics quickly and are singing along by the end.

11. If you could perform with anyone in the world – either dead, alive, or broke up – who would it be? Why?

1. Carrie Underwood because after all, she is the QUEEN of Country Music!

2. Elvis Presley because he had a great voice and charisma.

3. Selena Quintanilla-Perez because she had a beautiful voice and performed not only with her voice but through dancing.

12. Have you been involved in any benefit performances? What was it and how did you become involved?

Yes. I’ve performed at 3 benefits. The first was for a 5 year old girl named Sophia who was diagnosed with cancer when she was a toddler. A photographer saw one of my videos on social media and contacted me asking if I’d perform at Sophia’s benefit. The second was for a woman named Emily who was in her early 40’s when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her sister, a co-worker of my Dad’s, asked if I would perform at Emily’s benefit. The third was for a 15 year old boy from Tennessee named Kane. Another musician and friend of Kane’s family had seen one of my videos on social media and contacted me asking if I’d come to Tennessee to perform at Kane’s benefit. I was so honored to perform for these three amazing people who were bravely battling for their lives. Unfortunately, all three of them have passed on.

13. If you had only five minutes on earth to perform one song that could leave a great impact on the world today, what song would you perform and why did you choose this particular piece?

I would perform the song “You Say” by Lauren Daigle because the lyrics are so powerful. We tend to hear what the world tells us about ourselves and sometimes it can be so harsh. God tells us who and what we truly are. He sees that we are strong, brave, and loved.

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