Lockwood Barr’s Signs Along the Road Album Review

Lockwood Barr is fun and energetic. She has an electric vibe with her unique style and sound. Her album Signs Along the Road is full of songs that leave you wanting more. She has a Stevie Nicks meets Sheryl Crow sound within her music. The one thing you can’t mistake is her banjo skills. Lockwood can keep up with the best of them. Her music is refreshing undoubtedly so because of her use of the banjo. She has the perfect mix of slow songs with just the right amount of upbeat and fun as well.

“Through Your Eye” really caught my attention. The music is just beautiful. Everything she wants to give her fans can be found within this song. Her vocals and her banjo skills combined are exactly what Country music is known for. The song has an exceptional story to tell and will keep you listening until the end and leave you wanting more. “Signs Along the Road” was written from her experience of car trouble on a lonely road. She tells the story of how there are always signs from God along every road we take. This song showcases the same skills found within “Through Your Eye”, but it also puts light on her faith.

Lockwood was made for the stage. She comes from a musical family and knows how to play many musical instruments such as the piano and guitar. She was at the 2016 CMA Awards and had over 60 shows within the last year. She has a great message for her fans with life lessons, love, and faith at the center of her songs. She’s known for songwriting and performing prowess. She has worked with big names such as Tyler Hilton, Anne Hills, and Wiz Khalifa.

While watching a video of her performing “Signs Along the Road” she explains where the story came from and how she had to change some of the words to make sense within the song. She was funny and personable with her fans. It really showed her personality. With talent, personality, and faith like hers, there is no doubt that she will become a favorite in Country music.

For more information:
Website: LockwoodBarr.com  | Twitter: twitter.com/musicbylockwood/ |  Facebook: Facebook.com/musicbylockwood/ | Youtube: youtube.com/user/MusicByLockwood/
Review by Taraya Harvey: tarayajones@yahoo.com

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