Letter from the Editor: February 2011

The New Year 2011 has already kicked off in fast forward. At the guide we are making changes daily. We have recently joined forces with a digital company to offer not only print, but a van with digital screen capabilities for advertising. NMG customers are getting more exposure for their buck and we are going to have some great combo packages for all the new media.

 NMG has recently added racks in 18 Texas locations. We are also proud to announce we have partnered with a Canadian business man and started NASHVILLE MUSIC GUIDE CANADA to cover the Canadian music scene.  The Canadian Guide will be combined with the current issue. Making this magazine loaded with talent, resources and exposure for artist and advertisers. 

We are also very excited about joining forces with the artist to the stars, Corey Frizzell, who has done an amazing job on our cover artwork. Frizzell is very talented and is doing a great job by helping us with NMG covers as well as other projects – he is a great asset and we are so thankful to have him on board.

 Congratulations to our Canadian friend, Craig Moritz, on his 2010 Ourstage.com Video Grand Prize award for the music video “Blame You.”  Craig is also working on releasing a new album in March. Craig will also be at the Nashville Music Guide Show Case during CRS weekend March 5th at the world’s famous Picks Nashville – former home of the Music Hall of Fame Lounge. Lots of legends have played in the historical venue located inside the Best Western.  Craig will be playing with David Ray, a talented young man from Michigan, and Kentucky native, Chris Caskey. Chris is a former Mercury Record recording artist who has a new single on TCM RECORDS, a social media label, which has been quickly climbing the charts. Keep your eye out for all three of these great acts. 

Ground Hog Day is this month and we are ready for spring, Nashville has seen its fair share of snow already and I am just hoping that the little fella doesn’t see his shadow.  We have been traveling back and forth between homes in Nashville and Oklahoma all year and we are about ready for the final move and we can’t wait to be full time Nashvilleans.

I would like to thank PICKS NASHVILLE and its family for being great hosts allowing us to gather there for meetings, photo shoots and music videos – it really is a great place. Also, big thanks to our advertisers who support our magazine and help us grow bigger and stronger. We also have many other things in store for the next few months that we are really excited about – being in this industry is a great thing. Check out our new website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Keep your eye out for our March issue it will be packed full of CRS information.

Randy and Kymberly Matthews

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