Learn "Out With The Girls" Line Dance Steps, By Country-Pop Artist Eileen Carey

There's a new Line Dance for the infectious country dance club hit, “Out With the Girls” by award-winning recording artist, Eileen Carey. What follows is a Step-By-Step synopsis of “Out With the Girls.”


Out With The Girls /Dance Steps
Choreographed by GYTAL (Ginny Allen)
Music: “Out With The Girls” by Eileen Carey

Start Dance 32 counts in at Vocal
32 count 4 wall High Beginner Line Dance
Monterrey Turn, R Step Lock ,R Triple forward
1-4 Touch R toe to R, Turn 1/2 on L, step R down & touch L toe to L side
5-6 Step R forward, cross L Behind
7&8 Step R forward, step L to R, Step R forward
L Rock Recover 1/2 turn L triple, R Rock Recover, 1/4 Turn R Triple
9-10 Rock forward on L recover back on R
11&12 Turn 1/2 to L with a L Triple (L,R,L)
13-14 Rock forward on R, recover back on L
15&16 Turn 1/4 to R with R triple (R,L,R)
Cross L over R 1/2 turn to R, Hip Bumps R,L,R, Toe Heel Toe Heel
17-18 Cross L over R, turn 1/2 to R
19&20 Bump hips R,L,R
21-22 Step L toe back, step on L heel
23-24 Step R toe Back, step on R heel
L Rock Back, Recover, L Sailor Out Out Touch Hold
25-26 Rock Back on L, recover forward on R
27&28 Step L behind R, step R to R, step L next to R
29-32 Step R to R, Step L to L, Touch R to L instep Hold