Kayla Calabrese Inks Management Deal with Nashville-based Next Generation Artist Management

Country singer Kayla Calabrese is kicking her career into high gear with a new management team. She just signed with Next Generation Artist Management, a division of Spin Doctors Nashville.
“I have known Al Brock and Kristin Johnson for a while and I’ve come to trust them and their judgment,” Calabrese says. “Spin Doctors’ radio promotion department was already promoting my new single, to radio, so it just made sense to have their management company involved in my entire career instead of just part of it.”
“We are so proud to have Kayla on our team,” adds Next Generation Artist Management President Kristin Johnson. She is a true gem with a heavenly voice and a great head on her shoulders. She will go far in Country music.”
Calabrese burst onto the scene in 2014 with her first single, Kiss Me, that celebrates the moment of that magical first kiss. Kiss Me was the first single off her self-titled CD, and reached #59 on the Music Row Breakout Country Chart. Her brand new single, This Is How It Feels is currently climbing the chart and receiving high praise from radio stations across the country.
“This song is so refreshing, says Dave Young, Music Director and Program Director at KDKD and KXEA in Clinton, Missouri. “This is a song that will appeal to all ages of listeners. If someone hasn’t listened yet, they will be pleasantly surprised by Kayla’s great voice.”
Calabrese co-wrote This Is How It Feels with fellow songwriter Tami Hinesh. Like her previous single, Kiss Me, This Is How It Feels showcases the full spectrum of Calabrese’s vocal prowess, from the resonant delivery of her lower register to the soaring upper end of her range. That combined with the studio wizardry of legendary Nashville producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton; Neal McCoy) and performances by some of Nashville’s most renowned studio musicians, gives This Is How It Feels a full, modern, well-rounded sound that’s sure to warm away the winter chill. It also further establishes Calabrese as a musical force to be reckoned with.
Calabrese hails from the Jersey shore in New Jersey. She arrived in Nashville in 2010 and quickly set about building her musical dreams. Ever the practical girl, she also invested in her back-up plan which she completed last year: a nursing degree from Belmont University. While she considers caring for people a pleasure, music is her passion.
“Next Generation Artist Management and Spin Doctors have helped launch a lot of careers in Nashville and I am honored they decided to manage me and my career,” Calabrese says. “They come up with some really original, outside the box ideas that I think will take my career to a new level.”
To download your copy of This Is How It Feels, visit iTunes.
To learn more about Kayla Calabrese, visit www.kaylacalabrese.com.
To help make This Is How It Feels, Kayla Calabrese’s first number one hit, call your local radio station and ask to hear it.

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