Julia Capogrossi’s “Morgan” Single Review

The spunky Julia Capogrossi is back and this time she is showcasing her vocals in her new single “Morgan”. This song is emotional and passionate. Julia’s vocals are flawless. The melody is subtle leaving her vocals to really shine. This song has a beautiful harmonic quality that we all know and love. Not only did she release this new single she also has a music video that really allows you to follow the story and the heartbreaking feelings that come with it. I like that we can watch the story unfold. Everything about this song and video is heartfelt. Many people can relate to a story like this. I really like that she allows her voice to be the center of it all. You can tell that her vocals aren’t forced she is just naturally talented and it really shows throughout this song.

Julia Capogrossi was the co-writer of “Morgan”. She used her real-life heartache to write this heartbreaking song. Julia finds that everyday has a lesson to be learned. Originally from Stamford, CT she now lives in Music City where she finds inspiration in life and all the lessons that come with it. She is upbeat and high spirited. She hopes to one day share the stage with Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, or Keith Urban. 2017 was an eventful and very successful year for her, but 2018 is looking even better. Starting the year off with a new single and music video we are sure to see a lot of this rising star in the coming months.  

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