Introducing The Delta Troubadours with Their New EP “Get Up and Go” and the new single “Stone Thrasher”

This super talented rock group The Delta Troubadours formed in 2015 and since that time have been honing their musical skills to the max.

Raw, gritty and hard hitting their music is powerful and passionate. When I first heard the name of the group I pictured something like a good old fashion George Strait classic with an easy flowing story line but….from the first note I heard I knew these guys were not your traditional “Troubadours”…these guys are the new modern day troubadours.

Recently making their home in Nashville TN the band is ready to begin the long road of promoting and sharing their new music. Rock N Roll has always been a huge staple in the industry and Nashville has many rock artists who share the love and spirit of a such a versatile genre that can cross many categories. Duane and Gregg Allman were both born in Nashville, and it has been said in the past that W.C. Handy, the legendary blues man himself penned “St. Louis Blues” on Beale Street in a local bar in 1912. Proof that great things come out of the music city.

I think it’d be great to bring back rock ’n’ roll so kids will pick up a guitar and say, ‘I want to play that song.’” – Ian Heausler

With a warm mix of blues, a high range of grunge and just a hint of metal these guys have a unique sound and big talent. When you first hear the group you might think of The Doors, The Black Crows, and maybe even a strong hint of Led Zeppelin but either way your gonna be hooked from the get go.

At the end of the day, music is a part of us as much as our beating hearts.” – Gytis Garsys

Truly good music is alive and well right here with The Delta Troubadours and their new EP “Get Up and Go”, your gonna love it. It’s fresh, original and the texture is appealing to both young and “older” music enthusiasts.

There’s a lot of question marks. But there’s also a lot of hope in what we’re doing.” – Jon Franklin

There’s a real conviction in the lyrics and the music, one that is balanced engaging and feels like medicine to the soul of a true rocker.

The group were recognized for their talents in 2016 by placing 1st in the Gainesville Battle of the Bands and were finalists in 2015 with One Spark Music Juror Award.

Gytis Garsys welcomes you on lead vocals, guitar, and keys, the heartbeat of the rhythm section is Jon Franklin on bass, vocals, and complimenting the essence of the sound is Ian Heausler with lead guitar and vocals.

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