Introducing Adam Rose With “Levitate the Base”

It is one of the top releases in it’s genre and has garnered some exceptional reviews. “Levitate The Base” is a brand new ambient psychedelic collection by Adam Rose and the songs will take you on a trip through a wonderland of memories from greats like Pink Floyd and Henry Mancini.

Making his home in Pittsburgh PA Rose is a multi-instrumentalist and chooses to avoid placing himself in any one category and I tend to agree with him. He plays from the soul and plays what he “feels.” His compositions span a huge array of influences that allow you immerse yourself within the music, not just “listen” to it.

Reminds me of the first time I heard Carlos Santana and Hendrix, I closed my eyes and was instantly transported to another world. That’s what you find here with “Levitate The Base.”

“I appreciate you taking the time to listen to this album properly, either with good headphones or on a great sound system. Enjoy.” ~Adam Rose~

“Platinum Grime” my be another of my all time favorites. I love the grooving bass intro. Then when the psychedelic guitar riffs come in it takes me back to the early 70’s disco era. Love this groove, the entire feel is a party in one song. It has solid hitting rhythm for moving. I’m a bass girl myself and the bass motion is where it hits me.

“Persian Fantasy” is one of the tracks that caught my attention from the very beginning. It’s mystical and magical and reminds me of a young Santana with a hint of Hendrix. This is electric and moving.

The unique qualities found in this collection will no doubt make a positive impression on those who love artist like Pink Floyd and Jeff Beck.

“Freaky Fried Flapjacks” is begins with a deep heavy grabbing bass line and I really like that. It’s a soul grooving instrumental that packs a big punch. It has an even balanced feel that from the first note keeps you moving. I like that this is something I could use in my rumba class. It gets the hips and the waist to moving and keeps you going. I also hear just a touch of Santana in this track as well. Excellent.

Last but not least on the collection I chose “Helena” and I’m so glad I did. I loved the almost sitar sound at the beginning. The echo was nice. The guitar he used has some of the best sound I’ve heard in such a long time. The feel is warm and inviting and is one that sets the mood for a nice evening around the fire. It has me wondering…..who, where or what is “Helena.”

He is a mastermind of musical expression and the range he presents appears to be limitless. He talents on such a wide arrangement of instruments is a testament to his versatility and gifts.

Artist performing on this album is Adam Rose and his style could be described as rock, ambient, and experimental. There is a hint of classic rock groove and soul/blues included. He has been likened to artists such as Pink Floyd, Michael Hedges, Jeff Beck, and I would add Jimmy Hendrix and Carlos Santana.

Artist quote:

Rose says, “Levitate the Base” is a symbol of me overcoming tremendous pain to rise up and create an album I’m truly proud of. It is symbolic of taking all the shattered pieces of my life and forming one cohesive art form. The symbol also extends to my larger vision for humanity to rise up, and no longer be content with living lives of subservience, toil, and meaningless.”

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