Hozier Brings “Wasteland Baby” Tour to Iconic Opry HOuse

After the recent success of his sophomore album, “Wasteland, Baby!” hitting #1 on the Billboard charts, Hozier brought his 11th stop on the spring portion of his US tour to Nashville Sunday night. Coming back for the first time since 2015, Hozier took his fans on an impressive ride through music new and old. Excitement buzzed through the air as fans clamoured in to the venue to see arguably one of the most electrifying tours of 2019. Opening for Hozier was Jade Bird who even while having some technical difficulties at the beginning of her set, was able to charm and sing her way into fans hearts with ease. “What Am I Here For” was a song that stood out as you could’ve heard a pin drop by how captivating both her voice and lyrics were. Throughout Jade’s performance the stage lights shined off of her guitar and into the crowd like the star she’s bound to become.

With lights dimmed and stage lights on, Hozier took to the stage with a cheer from the crowd that roared through the Grand Ole Opry House from one side to the other. Right away anyone who was sitting down was immediately out of their seats where they stayed for the almost two hours that Hozier played. Everywhere you looked there were fans dancing in their seats and in the aisles equally feeling every word, note, and beat. Hozier was able to take the audience to an almost religious experience with many of them raising a single hand in the air in what felt like praise and swayed along to anything from “Talk” to “Dinner and Diatribes.”

It should also be pointed out that every single aspect of the show was clearly very thought out. From the lights, to the sound, to the stage set up, to the band and background singers, everything worked masterfully together to form pure magic for Hozier’s fans. Before ending the night with “Work Song” which was absolutely breathtaking, Hozier made a point to not only recognize his band/background singers but also the lighting team, mixer, rigging, instrument techs, production staff, and managers. It was something small but had a much bigger impact showcasing not only that his music speak volumes in it’s own right but also just the kind of person Hozier is. Mark my words, we have a legend in the making on our hands.

Photos and Story by Catrina Engelby

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