Gal Friday’s Smoke & Mirrors Album Review

Gal Friday’s album Smoke & Mirrors is a perfect mix of slow and fast-paced songs. It is a stunningly written album with many exceptional stories found within.

The title track “Smoke & Mirrors” is the first song on the album. It’s an upbeat song about performing. It has fantastic guitar solos. The vocals are harmonically-rich and flow nicely throughout the song. “Smoke & Mirrors” describes concerts and performing from the view of the artist.

“Honey Child, Please” is beautifully written and sung. It’s a slow song that has a soft melody. This song is about being hurt. It explains how others hurt us and we hold it in, lying to yourself about who you really are.

My favorite song on the album is “When You Think About A Soldier”. There are many songs written about our soldiers, but I can’t think of any that focus’ on the women in uniform. We often overlook them. This song is very well written and sheds some much-needed light on the women that fight alongside so many men. “From a live grenade to a soccer game, From an armored vest to a Sunday dress”. This is a slow song, but it is very powerful. The vocals are passionate and tender.

Gal Friday is a trio of sisters born with music running through their veins. Their parents were bluegrass artists, they traveled with them on tours. They have been performing for almost ten years. They write their own songs and perform with remarkable musicians. They’ve opened for big names such as Wynonna Judd, Travis Tritt, and Sugarland. The sisters are Lauren Wilson singing lead vocals, Ashley Min vocals and keys, and Melissa York vocals. Their influences consist of Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, and Stevie Nicks.

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