1. Absolutely love love love Inside Studio G..!!! Garth and Trisha are an inspiration for all and God Bless yall and God Bless America

  2. The intern that did the graphic needs to be let go! Jim’s name is Tim and the categories are backwards. A lifetime achievement such as this, deserves better!!

  3. hello just heard you on the 94.7 radio interview. i just wanted to tell you that i love your sound and the song you sang “Love Letter”. would love to hear more of your songs or thoughts. its nice to see someone working so hard to accomplish their dreams. i am 34 in a crazy relationship and kinda at a stand still place in my life. just wanted u to know u have another fan hun. good luck with all u do. u can look me up on facebook if u wanna talk some. bye

  4. Glad to see article on Collin. He is our grandson.. I am a great lover of country music. I wish Collin well with Red Dirt Radio Oklahoma!!!

  5. I was so very pleased to see Andrew Heller on the show bill for the Austin Texas Symphony ! I always enjoy hearing him sing and his warm smile is contagious.
    What a wonderful Christmas surprise!
    many Blessings,
    Susan Lowry-fan

  6. I too have sat in that corner and had many laughs with John A and his friends. Ann Smith took me out to eat one night and that is where we went. She introduced me to John A and a lot of his friends. The food is great and if you ever go there, try to stay and listen to the band not only will you enjoy the food but the music as well. Band starts at 8:00, Dianne Sherrill is there on Thursday and Saturday nights. Julie Harris performs Friday and Sunday nights, plus Sunday is for young want to be entertainers get a chance to perform. Marty Martel is right, not enough room to describe the man, “John A”

  7. Thanks for helping spread the word — this is going to be a terrific show, and something darned unique for Nashville. Full disclosure: Mike and many of The Regulars are good friends, so I’ve had the privilege of hearing this wonderful project throughout its stages, and it really is very, very good!

  8. Thanks for publishing this article. Collin is my nephew and I know he’s always been crazy about music. I’m proud of him and Kellie for doing the work it must have taken to get the station working. Thanks again!

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