Demi Lovato & DJ Khaled Bring A Fabulous Show to Nashville

Concert-goers were decked out in leather, lace, and boots with an age range that spanned across generations. There were those that were there to hear #anotherone from DJ Khaled – which tended to be a more 20-30 something years olds, while Demi brought the younger fans and the beauty of the two colliding with the advertising between acts promoting ride-sharing importance when drinking.

The crowd was singing along to verses of the popular hits from today and yesterday. It was awesome to watch generations of fans sing along a capella – they new all the words and went verse for verse with little to no direction on lead in words. DJ Khaled put on a fantastic show and his footwork was even better — there are even memes already created.

Demi came out in tasteful attire and rocked the night. My boyfriend admitted that he had been wanting to see her for years. Top 10 out of 50 on artists in fact.

During the show the audience was engaged and loving every minute of Demi’s performance. Her stage presence and interaction with the crowd was reminiscent of some Nashville artists that have played that stage – Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. Leaning more towards Miley due to the context of her songs. She has definitely grown out of her Disney facade.

Overall, we give the show 5 out of 5. We were one of the last stops on the tour and glad that we had the opportunity to come out and support.

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