Chris Lastovicka With “Fortune Has Turned” (Remixed)

This passionate and hypnotic classical album is Grammy material and Chris Lastovicka, whose music is known worldwide is a powerful refined craft. This album is exquisite, hypnotic and a grand work of art.

The first single from “Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) is “The 7th Chapter of Job” begins with dark but intriguing, euphoric and the impeccable delivery of the female vocals requires your full attention. It is madness, it is chaos, it is a knowing…Powerful and yet frightful. It is a journey, to the within, to search for self and at the end, does she see the light? Exquisite.

“The End of Tyranny” is touching, elegant, real, heartfelt and full of passion. It is a coming together of the world, separate no more. The picturesque pallet and texture are phenomenal.

The nuance and instrumentation of cellos, French horns, and strings are masterful. I could sit, with my eyes closed and see this being performed on the stage at the Grand Majestic Theater in New York… Breathtaking.

Accolades for this artist are grand as Chris was one of ten composers selected for the New York City Opera’s Vox: This was a special event showcasing American Composers festival (2007). Lastovicka was also selected as one of 4 finalists in the Opera Vista International Chamber Opera Competition in Houston, TX and was also Commissioned by Robin Becker Dance to write the music for “Into Sunlight”, a work about the Vietnam War that has been performed internationally.

“When I was thinking about who I’d like to remix my album, I thought about my favorite album, Massive Attack’s “Blue Lines”. I wondered if I would be able to even get Jeremy Allom, who mixed that album. I did, and it has been an incredible experience working with him and getting to know him.

When I looked for a mastering engineer, I wanted to get someone who would understand the sonic imperfections of the recordings and how I felt they mirrored the rough experience of seeking the Self. I chose iconic mastering engineer Emily Lazar because of her early background in creative writing, and her drive to tell the story of an album through her mastering work.”
~Chris Lastovicka~

When we look at the production side of this project the words incredible, creative, evergreen, and masterful work come to mind. This work was originally released in 2005 and now has a new awakening with a new and powerful remix that takes this creative expression straight to the top. Chris’s work is timeless, spiritual, and touches deeply into the metaphysical world. It invites you to look inward and have the courage to face the dark and the light of both sides of who you are.

Musician performing on this production are Chris Lastovicka, Composer, and Piano, Eric Bates, Anne T. Horvath, Katrin St. Clair, and Lara Theilmann-Messerly on violin. Christina M. Coletta, Damon Gray, Heidi Mausbach, Kenneth Woods, and Tom Guth on cello, Missy Hydock on viola, Robert Garcia and Kristen Johns, on french horn, Laura Backley, contralto, Diana Cataldi with impeccable Mezzo-Soprano vocals, Kimberly Tobola superb soprano vocals, and Cynthia Katsarelis, Conductor
Lastovicka fits beautifully into the genre’s of classical and instrumental and has been likened to artists such as Max Richter, and Jóhann Jóhannsson.

I loved the use of piano and strings, the visual messages in the video’s brought so much to the absence of lyrics that the music itself is the words.

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