CD Review: Jeannie Seely “Vintage Country…Old But Treasured”

The great Miss Jeannie Seely put together this wonderful collection of songs in hopes that it would bring joy and fond memories to us and it sure has for me! I grew up listening to my mom and my uncles singing some of these songs and it made me think of all the good times we had! She takes each of the classic hits and makes them her own. Her Grammy award-winning, “Don’t Touch Me,” is also included as a bonus track, and a bonus it is! I recommend that every traditional country music fan buy this outstanding album. It was recorded at the historic Hilltop Recording Studios – established in 1963, it is the oldest independent studio in Nashville – and mastered by John Nicholson. I loved every song on this album, but my personal favorites are tracks five, seven, ten, and of chorus the live bonus track of “Don’t Touch Me.” You can check it out at

7 Stars

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