The Musical Footsteps of Unity

January 24, 2017 Cilene B 0

The Musical Footsteps of Unity  Music, like people, exists in diverse forms, shapes, movement, styles, rhythms and sounds.  Saturday, the music of our city manifested […]


NMG CAM: Electric Shepherd

September 13, 2011 Amanda 1

San Francisco-based Electric Shepherd is currently on tour across the country showcasing their self-titled debut album. They recently made a stop in Music City at […]


NMG CAM: Evanescence

September 8, 2011 Amanda 0

Evanescence graced us with her presence her in Nashville last month, making it the only U.S. stop on the tour schedule for the much anticipated […]


NMG CAM: Delta Rae

September 8, 2011 Amanda 0

From a quiet, country house nestled deep within the Durham, North Carolina woods, Delta Rae fuses its inspired 4-part harmonies with a deep Carolina soul. […]

Music Festivals

NMG CAM: Eminem at Bonnaroo

June 27, 2011 Amanda 0

One of the most monumental and anticipated performances at Bonnaroo this year was Eminem. Eminem is one of those artists that has weathered the sands […]