Catching Up with Vonn Kiss & The Dark Horses and their latest single “Hardest Thing to Lose”

Vonn Kiss & The Dark Horses remain a force to be reckoned with as the latest single “Hardest Thing to Lose” is released from his upcoming album, due out later this year.

This single signifies hope and bravery as Vonn drops an emotional guard outlining a battle with inner demons through acceptance and perseverance. The new single “Hardest Thing to Lose” released on May 15, is produced by Greg Archilla and stays true to Vonn’s classic nature. Available on all streaming platforms, “Hardest Thing to Lose” could not come at a better time as it relays a message of light at the end of the tunnel for those hunting for hope.

“We all have our demons and it’s different for all of us, but in many ways the same. It’s for all the broken bodies and hurting souls that fight everyday searching for a little hope,” Vonn says.

The familiar tone of “Hardest Thing to Lose” illustrates an old companion and an ally. Vonn’s genuine talent, ambition and passion reflect a desire to share with the world what might be the “Hardest Thing to Lose” letting that remain up to interpretation for each listener. As Vonn releases one stand out single after another, fans will not want to miss what this rising star has in store for the future.

This American country staple artist continues to create traditional tunes that leave a strong impact on listeners in times of need. In this stretch of social distancing people continue to endure uncertainty and Vonn’s music exists to ease the minds of all. He has been taking special efforts to stay in contact with his fanbase. 

” I have been engaging with them as much as possible letting them know they are greatly appreciated and trying to do 2-3 live streams on social media throughout the week,” said Vonn.

Be sure to follow him on his socials to stay up-to-date on when he will be live-streaming.

During this time of social distancing in the world, while Vonn is still releasing music and staying connected with his fans, he is taking time to appreciate home and family. 

“I’m away from home a lot so it’s been nice to be home and spend time with family,” said Vonn. “Being around my horses has been a big part of keeping my mind off the state of where everything is. It’s unfortunate for so many across the world but we’re all strong and we’re all one and we all will get through it together.”

But, we know we will all be glad when things get back to “normal”… or whatever the new normal will be in days to come. 

“I’m not sure I know what normal is… ha. I’ve been blessed to not have life derailed too much other than with music,” said Vonn. “But it will be a blessing to just be out and around folks seeing smiles again on people’s faces with no masks. To worry about shaking someone’s hand or not being able to see a smile when you are greeted or greet someone is rough so it will be nice to see that again some day hopefully sooner than later.”

You can stream Vonn Kiss’s all his latest music directly on Apple MusicSpotify, and Amazon Music. This single along with more are to be dropped in the coming months contributing to a highly anticipated fall album release. Visit his website and socials linked below to keep up with future announcements and releases.

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