Americana Artist J Burn releases “Burnt Blue”

Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Jay Burn is a natural. His music is the one of a kind sound that truly comes from deep with in and most of the creation is based on his life experiences. When his heart is heavy there’s a song to be born and when the sun shines bright with a memory you’ll find a lyric on the rise.


I am a musician who comes from a line of musical creators. I make the music I hear and feel, from my life moments an experiences… Sometimes when I need to heal, other times to express moments of joy or to reflect… To me, music is the universal language that can offer amazing power for change, today usually under estimated” – Jay Burn~

“Freight Train” has the bluegrass feel and would slide into the Americana/Country Bluegrass category. As you listen you might envision a backyard fire, friends, and marshmallow roasts. Simple, easy, and mellow. Enjoyed the fiddle and upright bass sound.

This album won’t find it’s way into every collection but there are those who love the old standards and this album would fit nicely into a country western jukebox with saw dust and spurs. Another great thing about this album is the reach it has across the genre. It places in many categories and will have a vast range of fans.

J Burn courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
J Burn courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Memory Lane” is rich with nostalgia of an early Beatles or Dylan. Folk, Blues, and light Rock. This collection will fall into rich tastes and there will be a select group of free spirits who will grasp this album. This song is the trigger. Hippies, bonfires, and tye dyed free falling. Might just be my favorite.

The professional caliber of the accomplished artist’s on this album makes it a winner in itself but even with the high status of talent the album seems to be missing something. Maybe it’s the feel of something “new”… seems to be a little dated but this could be the magic…the music is rich and the lyrics tell a empowering story.

“Old Time Hero’s” could have come from a “modern day” old western honky tonk with Wyatt Earp and his new found true love Sadie Marcus. Reminiscent of old time honky tonks and gamblers surrounded by smoke and whiskey.

“Our Song Shared” the music is inviting but felt a little weak in spots. A stronger smoother blend of bass and percussion could even it out. I felt there was too much almost filler instruments on this one. It was “nice” but not as magestic as “Memory Lane.”

The album has an easy going relaxed vibe filled with nostalgic elements of Americana/Folk rock which makes it campfire ready. Staying true to himself J. Burn makes it his own and the accompaniment of skilled artists bring this album full circle as one to watch. Especially if a full length album is to grace the mix soon.

J Burn courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
J Burn courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Highly influential artists who participated in this introduction album are Jay Lane of Primus. Primus was named Drummer of the Year by the California Music Awards in 2002. Robin Sylvestor who shares his talent with artists like the Beatles and Paul McCartney and Jason Crosby who’s work with Santana, Clapton and the Blind Boys of Alabama is well know to all who love rockin the blues.

“Burnt Blue” has of course opened to mixed reviews. Some of the reviews seemed harsh and some not so much but either way you look at it, this collection is unique and sure to be a keeper for Americana music lovers. After all critics are part of the business either way you look at it.

This album was mixed and recorded at TRI Studios 2015 in San Rafael, CA and produced by Jay Burn & Michael McGinn. All lyrics and music by Jay Burn.

Overall the album is wholesome, flavorful and digs deep into the roots of American Folk/Rock and Blues. It’s just a taste of what the industry needs right now…. a touch of history, home, and harmony. A blast of “slap yourself in the face true blue Americana roots” music.

For more information on a journey of the classic, artistic interpretations of J. Burn and “Burnt Blue” please visit the following sites.

J Burn courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
J Burn courtesy of Independent Music Promotions














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