Alternative Country Group Roseline Release New Single “How To Be Kind”

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Roseline is a six member, alternative country group from Kansas who have taken the fabric of country music and painted a colorful Americana mix of pure front porch, pulling at your heart strings, sincere country gold.

Colin Halliburton, Ehren Starks, Kris Losure, Jeff Jackson, Jim Piller and Brad McKellip make up Roseline.

I was extremely impressed with the release we are featuring here today. The work is solid and clean. The texture of the canvas is so appealing and it completely draws you in.

Hallibuton grew up listening to indie rock/post punk music and with that some folks wonder where the mesmerizing country twang came from. I would say it’s a natural gift and it’s definitely one that’s worth sharing.

This group has released a total of 4 albums between 2007 and 2017. Those four previously released albums made a huge impact on the Euro Americana Chart market. This impact eventually lead to a deal with King Forward Records.

The impression that Roseline made on the music industry opened doors to other opportunities with television networks like USA and ABC as well as several indie film makers.

“How To Be Kind” is the single we would like to share with you today. This song is from the new album “Blood.” The song is about a romantic love affair where the doubtful heart is swept up by the tender wooer. Here’s the link for your enjoyment.

This is truly…accomplished all original music. They have been likene to Harry Nilsson, famous singer/songwriter whose song “One” was made huge by rock icons Three Dog Night. Vocals are bright and inviting, the lead guitar is clear as crystal and resonates profoundly. It could be considered country rock but it’s so crisp and right on target to today’s country audience that we could say it’s pop country. It’s appeal is fresh and new and reminds me of a mellow Keith Urban. So with that I defer from confining them to just one genre of music. I feel that they cross several styles of country and soft pop/alternative and should not be restricted from spreading their wings.

The new, soon to be released album Blood, is outstanding and should hit the airwaves by early Octoer of this year. So check back with us for updates and follow up news on the group as well as a full feature on the new album.

A lot of Americana leans toward the bizarre fetishizing of all things old timey” I prefer to tackle the nuances of modern commitment and the existential dread of pursuing a creatively fulfilling life in this particular point in time.” ~

Colin Halliburton, Roseline~

Photo credit: Stevie Jackson. Photo’s and album cover provided courtesy of Working Brillantly Music Promotions

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