Producer’s Spotlight – Ron Haffkine

March 31, 2014 Amanda 1

Despite contracting polio at age 12 and being completely paralyzed for 2 yrs, part of God’s plan, among other things, for Ron Haffkine to become a “Historic Figure” in ROCK N’ ROLL … and has recently began working with a new duo, Tawny River. He produced their first single release “Aye Aye Mari Juana” and commented that they are next big thing to hit the music scene.

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Producer's Spotlight: Chuck Ainlay

November 11, 2010 Amanda 0

After attending Indiana University’s Music School, Chuck continued his music education by enrolling at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee. With his sight keenly set upon a career in the recording industry, he furthered his experience by working as an assistant engineer at various studios on

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Mark Bright

September 18, 2010 Bob Coan 0

Since attending Belmont University Mark Bright, a native from Longview, Texas, has become one of the most influential leaders in the music industry with a career […]