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Lucky 13 with Mason Ashley

September 4, 2015 Amanda 0

Without music, I would be … just an almost seventeen year old Texan girl, working as a waitress at a cafe, about to start my senior year of high school, with a whole lot of unspoken words trying to find their way out of me.

Music is … one of the most powerful and inspiring things life has to offer.

My music makes me feel … free. When I finish a song, I have this weight lifted off of me… Like I’ve finally said what I need to say and now I can let it go and move on.

I write the songs because … it is my way to tell my story. It is so cool to listen to a song from a few years ago and remember exactly how I was feeling and what I was going through when that song was written. I’ve gotten to experience growing up by documenting my memories through my music and it is amazing to get to remember my life by listening to my own stories.

Support music because … artists pour their hearts and souls into what they do and they want you to listen and connect with them through their stories.


Lucky 13 with Olivia Lane

August 28, 2015 Amanda 0

If there’s one thing that stands out about Olivia Lane, it’s her pure, unbridled energy. It’s reflected in her big, dynamic voice; in her performance, […]


Lucky 13 with Mitch Goudy

August 21, 2015 Amanda 0

Without music, I would be … Trying To Make It. Music is … Powerful. My music makes me feel … Expressive. I write the songs because … It’s My Nature. Support music because … I believe artists have a huge impact. ~ Mitch Goudy […]

Lucky 13

Lucky 13 with Hannah Bethel

August 14, 2015 Amanda 0

If you want this more than anything else – more than you might want to be a teacher or veterinarian or lawyer, more than you want a steady income, normal working hours or to see your spouse/children every day – if the music still beats your heart harder than any of these things, then go for it! A career in music is possible for anyone who is willing to work extremely hard to make it happen for themselves. […]

Lucky 13

Lucky 13 with Bobby Wills

August 7, 2015 Amanda 0

Without music, I would be… bored and miserable. Music is… so valuable. My music makes me feel… fulfilled and is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I write the songs because… I love discovering how universal life’s moments are. Support music because… it’s always there for us, good days, bad days – even when you don’t realize it, music has such a universal impact on all of us. – Bobby Wills […]

Lucky 13

Lucky 13 with Brittany McLamb

July 31, 2015 Amanda 0

Without music, I would be … missing a big chunk of my soul. Music is …what makes me happy and keeps me going from day to day! My music makes me feel … excited and proud! I write the songs because … it’s an outlet to express things I many not necessarily say otherwise. Support music because … it promotes creativity and spreads happiness! – Brittany McLamb […]

Lucky 13

Lucky 13 with Evan Michaels

July 24, 2015 Amanda 0

Without music, I would be … probably married and working a 9-5 job. Music is … a way of life. I grew up on it and it is like oxygen. I can’t even stand to drive without the windows down and radio blasting. My music makes me feel … like I need a Single Barrel Jack on the rocks. I write the songs because … I like the craftsmanship of it. The opportunity to tell a story through music makes the story more meaningful. Support music because … it supports you. ~ Evan Michaels […]

Lucky 13

Lucky 13 with Kayla Adams

July 16, 2015 Amanda 0

With years of constant singing and a high-level education under her belt, Kayla Adams has become a singer to be reckoned with, one who performs […]