Lucky 13 with Tom Carter

January 20, 2017 Amanda 0

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Tom Carter’s Latest Release:  “Nashville: Music & Murder.” Tom Carter is no stranger to writing best-selling award-winning books, having nine on […]


Lucky 13 with Richard Lynch

January 13, 2017 Amanda 0

You’d be hard-pressed to find a musician as authentic as Richard Lynch, whose traditional country music fully embodies his hay-raising, farm-dwelling lifestyle. An all-American, blue […]


Lucky 13 with Shari Rowe

January 6, 2017 Amanda 0

With her latest single, Shari Rowe takes aim for a direct hit. When you first hear “Take That Shot,” the new release from Arizona-based country […]


Lucky 13 with Rebecca Moreland

October 16, 2015 Amanda 0

Soulful pop songwriter, Rebecca Moreland’s new single, Freak Soul, is fun and upbeat with a message of embracing individuality. The song is available on iTunes, […]


Lucky 13 with Hannah Fairlight

October 9, 2015 Amanda 0

What’s new in Nashville?  Not country.  Not even rock.  In fact, it’s something completely different and hard to categorize.  Hannah Fairlight – a no-name Midwestern […]


Lucky 13 with Daydream Catapult

October 2, 2015 Amanda 0

Daydream Catapult is a Nashville-based pop trio consisting of founding members Chris Ray, Elle Bijet, and Tom Johnson. Anchored by acoustic and electronic influences, the […]


Lucky 13 with Kayla Calabrese

September 25, 2015 Amanda 0

Without music, I would be lost. Music is my life. My music makes me feel every emotion sometimes all at once. I write the songs because I love to share my stories and thoughts. Support music because without it the world would be a boring place!

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Lucky 13 with Jackie Greene

September 18, 2015 Amanda 0

Jackie Greene began his career in his mid-teens working the bar and open mic circuit in and around his hometown of Sacramento. Since then, he […]


Lucky 13 with Freedom Fry

September 11, 2015 Amanda 0

Without music, I would be… really sad. Music is … everything. My music makes me feel … like I’m overdosing on good times. I write the songs because … I don’t know how to do anything else as well. Support music because … you can’t dance to silence. ~ Freedom Fry […]