Arthur Fowler releases “What’s Keeping Me Going”

Art Fowler courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Art Fowler courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Described as Acid Folk, this album is rich with nature, earthly tones, and eclectic harmony. Truly a product of the love of music this album….. is well placed in folk pop, blues rock, free jazz, and folk rock.

“What’s Keeping Me Going” is the title track. Loved the Santana style guitar and grooving bongos. Took me to the days of a young James Taylor with just a hint of Bob Dylan.

There is even a light dash of Neil Young in the mix and that is why I think this album is a keeper. Born in Milwaukee but currently making his home in Tokyo, Arthur Fowler is a genius with a vision.

Also classified as a jazz-rock style Arthur just keeps expanding and creating exceptional music. You can stream the full album here live:

Members of this dynamic group are: Arthur Fowler on guitars and Lead Vocals. On electric bass you’ll find Kiyo Tahara, and acoustic bass Alan Gleason. Bringing up the middle on accordion and fiddle is Jim Ediger. Rounding out this exceptional group of talented artists is Kei “HU” Takasugi, Kikuko Yasui, and Matthew Skoller.

This album was recorded and mixed in one of Tokyo’s best studio’s by Seiki Kitano, better know as (Bang On Recordings), and mastered by the gifted Keiko Ueda with MTC Mastering.

As a teenager Arthur’s ambition was to echo the essence of the great Jimi Hedrix while absorbing the texture of the blues jam scene during the 1980’s. The years following his musical journey to oneness have included regular tours through out the US,especially in the ares of Illinois, Nebraska, and Iowa; all the while enjoying solo performances in cities around Japan mixed in with his tour in the US.

Art Fowler courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Art Fowler courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Currently playing jazz, pop and blues in Tokyo, including performing with the rock, folk band AJA, Arthur is making a mark and creating his brand with the release of the new EP. “What’s Keeping Me Going” is evergreen.

Inspired by artists like Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, and Carlos Santana; Arthur Fowler is creating classic vibrations with a hints of Billie Holiday and one of the worlds leading jazz pianists,….Nat King Cole.

“Twilight Breeze” takes me pool side, in the summer. Night time with guests, wine, martini’s and a pig on the fire. Smooth, warm, and inviting. This one just may be my favorite. The guitar hits reminded me of mellow Santana with that taste of Garcia. Exquisite.

Art Fowler courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Art Fowler courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

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“Return for Refund” Self Titled Album Hits the Winner Circle

Return for Refund Album Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Return for Refund Album Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Driving hard and running wild could describe this out of sight hard rock, grunge band called Return for Refund.

True heavy rock at it’s best. Loved it from the first note. The vocals are clear, strong. The lyrics are not jumbled, but up front and present so you can enjoy both lyrics and music as a full package.

“The Fields” track #1, is a fast rocking opening song. Loved the metal guitar and the pounding percussion.

Placed in high standing with artists such as Govt’ Mule and Black Sabbath, Return for Refund will hold their own with heavy hitters that’s for sure. I would also place them in the classification with legendary bands such as Metallica, Mega Death and the great Ozzy Osborn.

Band members Drew Clementino, Sasha Molotkow, and Karlis Hawkins make up this super slamming hot off the press trio.

After Drew left the Army to pursue his musical aspirations he auditioned for a cover band where he met Sasha Molotkow who helped him form the band in 2013, it was a bold move to make such a new beginning. Once Drew joined the cover band, he and Sasha knew they were on to something so they both moved in a new direction, of course Karlis, the inspirational drummer and old friend of Sasha moved back to town and the three are the product of Return for Refund.

Return for Refund  courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Return for Refund courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

No matter where his travels led him Drew always had his guitar and he was always writing songs. From the age of twelve it has been a passion.

A favorite of mine on this self titled album Return for Refund is “Some Is Better Than None” I loved the intro, and the vocals reminded me of the amazing iconic talent, Jim Morrison of the Doors.

Released in September of 2014 this self titled album is one to watch for the Independent Artist of the Year. Seasoned and professional from the first note, it’s a winner.

Their smooth yet driven blend of metal, punk, funk, and splash of blues pulls you in. The outstanding talent of lead guitarist Sasha Molotkow

I could not keep my head from moving and my feet from jumping. This is definitely a collection of moving music.

Return for Refund  courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Return for Refund courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Those Bombs” is a summer time jam that would rock out any pool party. This is why I enjoy my job. I get to move and groove to the timeless rock hits like “Those Bombs.”

This self titled album has done exceptionally well so far and it looks to be a huge hit on most all the college scenes.

For more information on this explosive new album and the guys of Return for Refund please visit:

The Dynamic Heather Powell to release ” A Haze of Grays and Blue”

Heather Graham, A Haze of Grays and Blues courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Heather Powell, A Haze of Grays and Blue courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Every now and again we come along and find a piece of music that is fresh and light, almost the color of a rainbow. I think that’s what you find here with Heather Powell.

The newest addition to the True Groove All Stars, recently signed to True Groove Records and Tomas Doncker’s group of authentic talent, Heather is all the above; fresh, light, and a mix of a beautiful rainbow.

Heather Powell’s “ A Haze of Grays and Blue” is priceless and evergreen. I will always be evergreen because the music is timeless. I hear greats such as Barbara Streisand and Karen Carpenter in the mix, both two of my all time favorites. Continue reading

The Amazing Liz Graham with “Charcoal on a Canvas”

Charcoal on a Canvas (cover) courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Charcoal on a Canvas (cover) courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

When art meets the airwaves this is what you gain. Beauty in melody. Liz Graham has created a hit making moment. Her gifts of songwriting are renowned through out the world and she has once again created a masterpiece.

Her early life was tormented with hardship that consisted of both emotional and physical abuse. Through out that there was one constant that gave her hope….her brother Randy. He often found her in her crib singing, He was her inspiration.

At the tender age of 8 she discovered poetry and was given the ability to put words to rhythm; which helped her with all those struggles inside. But life would still present struggles for her and the loss of her brother when she was 18 would forever change her life and the journey she would soon follow.

Songwriting and music would become her world. It was a way to express her love, her loss, and her way of helping to save others.

Influenced by legendary greats such as Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, and Eric Clapton, Liz has taken her passion and made it a world for others to share.

Considered folk/rock, adult contemporary, and similar to Sarah McLachlan…you’ll be hooked on Liz and the depth of her songs, expressions and messages.

“Charcoal on a Canvas” is a story of desire to know the inner most passions of someone on the deepest level you can imagine. Intrigued by the shadows and secrets this man held inside she wanted to find out the truths of knowing him and why he resists her. Exceptional.

Stream “Charcoal on a Canvas” at Bandcamp:

Her music has been recognized by being accepted in major and independent film projects and her talent for the use of imagery and symbolism has given her a greater reach with fans on various levels of music.

Liz Graham courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Liz Graham courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Charcoal on a Canvas” is the newest single by this critically acclaimed singer/songwriter. Her accolades span over twenty years in the industry beginning in 1994 In recognition of her appearances in clubs and on radio she received the ASCAP award from 1994 to 1996 , and in 1996 “Tracking Buddha” was chosen from over 10,000 entrants to participate in a Ticketmaster Music Showcase.

In 1998 Liz was again recognized in the Top 50 “Women’s radio” charts for her outstanding contributions. In the UK and Japan, in 1999, she also received high accolades of being highlighted in the top 10 “Womens’s radio charts. She has definitely proven her talent and skills as an outstanding entertainer and singer/songwriter.

Liz Graham has opened for greats such as Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, Bill Perry Blues Band, Richie Havens, and Cliff Eberhardt and John Sebastion of Lovin Spoonful.

It is without a doubt that Liz has made a huge imprint on the industry and that her talents will be remembered for many years. She has just touched the tip of this amazing ride in the industry and her journey is bright.

To enjoy more on Liz Graham please check out the streaming links for her at:

This beautiful lady is so talented and I know you’ll enjoy her message and her music.

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Echo Sparks release killer album “Ghost Town Girl”

Echo Sparks courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Echo Sparks courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Let’s take a ride to time gone by and pay a mind to Echo Sparks with their new killer release “Ghost Town Girl”….Wow. This is one of the best collections I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy in a long time.

“Ghost Town Girl” is like taking a ride down the sunny California strip with the top rolled down, sun in your face, hair blowing in the breeze. Old school times in the days of life gone by. Times of dirt roads, traveling medicine show’s, and gold mines. The songs on this album are transcending.

Love the application double bass and guitars and the sound of “Rolling 60’s” as they talk about the year flying by and being on the way out. Those days are not gone…just take a listen here…close your eyes…and your there.

With a little twist of folk and rockabilly this Southern California band will draw you in to a time gone by that is still rich in our minds and dreams. Those memories never fade.

Echo Sparks was formed by three exceptionally talented artists. DA Valdez was looking for an outlet for his original music. As a member of the national touring group The Pontiac Brothers, he needed that something special to express his own style. He joined up with CC Kinnick and the two began performing at various venues through out Orange County CA. Then they added the vibrant Cindy Ballreich, a phenomenal bass player in her own right. This trio had been ignited.

Their sound is old school, blues, jazz and a old Mexico rockabilly. Engineered by Walter Clevenger and Produced by Echo Sparks, this album is a hot topic and one to ad to the watch list for hit makers in 2015.

Echo Sparks courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Echo Sparks courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

You can stream the music here at:

Streaming links:

“Broken Arrow” expresses how sometimes we try to change the one’s we love and how yet we know we have to let go even if we don’t want to. It’s like a broken arrow through the heart. Really loved this one. Easy listening….has that country rock feel.

Loved the intro to “Mexican Moon”…I could picture myself in an old Mexican village, sitting at the cantina with a tequila drinking my tears away.

Echo Sparks (back cover)courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Echo Sparks (back cover)courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The mix of sounds, textures, lyrics and melodies is expertly placed in each song on this album. I really enjoyed “Shallow Water” has an old folk gospel rhythm to it. Loved the harmonies and the tambourine gave it the perfect touch.

Take a listen and share with your friends. Echo Sparks are amazing and exceptionally fun. Bring back you inner flower child with “Ghost Town Girl”……

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